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This post is an application to the @curie community and @randomwanderings for their community building project currently underway. I commend @curie for this excellent project to help Steem to grow and prosper! Here are the application questions and my answers on behalf of my community @steemfiction:

1. What is your community / project and what is its purpose here on Steem?

My community is @steemfiction and our purpose is to support Steem writers and publish books on Amazon that highlight the talent of Steem content creators. We hope to show that things are happening on Steem that can have an effect on the outside world. By showing our talents we hope to entice more writers and readers to the Steem blockchain to join in. You will notice that the book cover says "Steem Fiction Presents" and also "Tales from the Steem Blockchain".


2. How much support are you seeking per month for the two-month period?

We are not requesting any certain amount. We would leave it up to you to delegate the resources that you have among as many applicants as you would like to reward. I know you would LIKE to reward all of the qualified applicants, but resources are limited. We would be grateful for any amount of assistance.

3. How will this support be used?

We have published our first book already and it takes funds to get help with the editing and formatting the book to be released to Amazon. We could use help with illustration and cover design as well. All proceeds that we have gotten from the 1st book have been put back into Steem and powered up. None of the authors have taken any of the proceeds out of Steem and they have went entirely to @steemfiction and none to our individual accounts. Our first book was published on March 1st and our goal is to publish 4 books a year as an ongoing project. The publishing dates are tentatively set for every quarter. We are working on Book 2 now, with an intended publishing date of June 1, 2019.

4. Approximately how many users participate in your community or project?

We have a Core Team of the 8 original writers whose stories were published in the first completed book. Our @steemfiction account now has 99 followers and we encourage other content creators to apply for a spot to write in the next book. Here are the 8 members of the Core Team: @janenightshade, @improv,, @jeezzle, @blueeyes8960,@manoldonchev, @stinawog, and @giantbear.

The current book that we are writing has added the following Steem authors: @quillfire, @ericvancewalton, @arbitrarykitten, @metzli, and @jayna. We welcome and encourage additional content creators to join in this project with us!

5. How will supporting your community or project help grow the Steem community?

There are many talented content creators in the Steem community. By working together on this project we can give voice to these creators and allow them to publish their work. It's not an easy task to undertake on your own. Without the drive (and the original idea) of @jeezzle, none of us would have been able to do this alone. We can encourage the dreams of others and we can promote the Steem blockchain at the same time.

6. What is your Discord name and number?

My discord name and number is blueeyes8960

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

Thank you @curie on behalf of @steemfiction for the opportunity to make this application! If there are any questions, please contact me at any time.


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Thank you @nathanmars! Thanks to your generous Seven77 delegation I'm holding true to my video saying that I would use it help promote Steem through the @steemfiction account.

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Well done! I wish us luck ;) And all the attention of fans across the known universe!


That's a pretty tall order:
And all the attention of fans across the known universe!

But I like how you think!😎

How exciting! I’m so glad you’ve put this application together, @blueeyes8960. I look forward to seeing what happens. Great initiative, @curie!

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I saw the post and just had to give it a shot @jayna! It is indeed a great initiative that will benefit STEEM, whether it is us or someone else, it's a great idea!

Great work! Proud to be a part of @steemfiction

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Me too. I've had a lot of fun, learned a lot, pulled out some hair, hated my story before it was finished - but I'm almost done with Story #2 now and it went a little easier this time. Love working with you all! 🌏 📚


I've only really started story 2 but I've been thinking about it a lot, so will churn it out over next few days 🙄

Well done with your application and good luck :)


Thank you, appreciate the good luck vibes!


Most welcome

I'm actually interested. I came by to support because I wanted to self-promote on Steembasicincome, but I'm interested in this initiative. I like writing initiatives that are not restraining, and this seems to be one. I've resisted restraints all my life, both physical and creative.
Good luck with your application!


You are interested in being one of our authors? Let me know if that's what you mean and I'll give the details.


I think so. For a while I was addicted to book publishing. I have more than 10 (lost count) self-published books on Amazon. So, I love what you're doing. I love the independent effort, and the collaborative creativity. I certainly am not looking for profits, but anything I can do to support the effort would make me happy.
Just let me know. I'm not very good at organizing, so, I would leave all that to more practical people. I do love to write though and have an overactive imagination.
Good luck, whether or not I am an active participant.

Hi. wish you luck! I could help you with the design of the book cover.


Hi. wish you luck! I
Could help you with the design
Of the book cover.

                 - aleksandra.mart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Wonderful! Are you thinking artwork, graphics design, photo? The theme of the next book is "murder".

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graphics design, maybe a photo

I hope you get this. I've thought about joining in, but I'm not sure I have the time to commit. I hope you guys nail it though.


Thanks for the support and well wishes! And we'd love to have you if you ever get a chance. We're doing a book every quarter, so there'll be plenty of opportunities. We might hit a genre (like speculative fiction!) that you really want to participate in. This quarter the theme is "murder" and next quarter hasn't been decided yet.