🔎3 CURIOUS FACTS about you CHALLENGE #5💰Prize: SBD from post's payout + WINNERS from #4

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3 CURIOUS FACTS about you CHALLENGE under the #curiousfacts tag is blooming. Last edition got some very honest entries and managed to gain almost 2$ of upvotes. 50% goes to the winners. Anyway whales and dolphins are very welcome to support the challenge in order to grow the prize pool. This is a challenge that will help us learn something about each other and of course to have some fun. I will make this challenge every week and every time there will be 3 different facts that you will have to share about yourself. Following are the rules and details about the prizes.


✅ I've got 3 sentences for you to complete:

1. If I meet an alien I will tell him 3 facts about humans which would be.....

2. I believe in a past life I've been.....because.....

3. I am dreaming of.....

✅ Complete these sentences and SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY IN A COMMENT under this post. There is no limit of how long you will make every story. Just be honest and have fun. 😊

RESTEEM and UPVOTE this post in order to increase the prize and for other Steemians to join.


✅ 3 comments I've chosen will be rewarded with 50% of this post's payout in 7 days which they will split equally.

✅ I will write a comment that the contest is over when I start reading all comments and choosing the winners a bit before post's pay out.

✅ Note that you will as well get some curation rewards when upvoting this post since I will do my best to promote it in different Discord chat rooms and Resteem services along with some small Bot Upvotes.



And the winners from 3 CURIOUS FACTS about you CHALLENGE #4 are:

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 2.52.20 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 2.51.22 AM.png

@donnestScreen Shot 2018-05-06 at 2.51.58 AM.png

🎉Congrats! Transfers from post’s payout are on the way. Unfortunately I had a very bad internet connection earlier so I couldn't upvote the comments before post's pay out so at the moment it does not let me upvote. Please excuse me. As a compensation I will transfer + 0.15$ more which is my upvote weight at the moment to each of the winners.

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Wow. Thank you @river-island.

Am happy my comment is being featured... This is an amazing challenge, where you get to reminiscize on a number of things.

Thanks for having me...


Happy to know you enjoy the challenge. :)

  1. If I meet an alien I will tell him 3 facts about humans which would be:
  • Humans think they are controling the nature
  • Human think they are more valuable than any other species
  • Humans are ignorant
  1. I believe in a past life I've been a water particle because I am extremely enthusiastic.

  2. I am dreaming of a calm and joyful life.


Hey thanks for joining. :)

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Thanks boss.. I really do appreciate


Welcome. :)

  1. If I meet an alien I will tell him 3 facts about humans which would be
    a. Humans are the most complex people you would ever meet
    b. Every human is different, don't judge one based the actions of another.
    c. Humans would go to any length to ensure survival if faced with danger...i know i would.

  2. I believe in a past life I've been a scholar because i love books so much. Nothing gives me pleasure like a good book on a good day.

  3. I am dreaming of eating my mother's groundnut soup. No one makes it like her. I really need to travel home.

  1. If i met an alien, I will tell him three facts about humans which would be....
    i. Every human yearns for love and there's always something loveable about every human and no matter how uncaring and difficult they might prove to be, at the end of the day, every human needs a little love.
    ii. Every human is special in their own way. Their differences should not make you hate or look down on them
    iii. Humans have a naturally dominating behaviour, they all want the best for themselves and this may cause some kind of competition, hatred and anger sometimes.

  2. I believe in a past life I've been too simple and reluctant because, I was scared of being out in the open, expressing myself and living my life!

  3. I am dreaming of traveling home to see my family and boyfriend. Goodness! I miss them.. Home is where the love is girl! 😊😊😁