Curious Facts Contest #9 - Maggot cheese Casu Marzu Cheese facts getting weirder Who eats that ???

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Yes, it is cheese with maggots in it, I can eat almost everything but I am not sure this is on my list. If some of have eaten it please let me know in the comments below.

So Maggot cheese does not sound really like the good stuff but it is a delicacy let my explain maybe it will warm up to you :-)

First, it is maybe the most dangerous cheese in the world and it was banned by the European Union. The cheese is infected on purpose with fly maggots so too obvious health risks it was banned. The Casu Marzu comes from the island of Sardinia Italy and can be obtained for now on the black market.

The life of these cheese starts out as any ordinary sheep's milk Pecorino cheese during the aging process the crust is cut so cheese flys get to lay their eggs in the cheese. As the larva hatch they start to eat away and what comes out is a creamy cheese similar in taste to Gorgonzola cheese. Or in other words, the larva excrement read shit.

So now to explain how it is eaten if you thought you pick out the maggots you are wrong the cheese is eaten with the maggots. The bite must be chewed trough cause you need to destroy the larva in your mouth kill them. This is an important step because if the larva is swallowed alive can live on in your intestense. This is why it was banned due to health risk.

So I hope you learned a little bit more about weird cheese in this one.

Let me know if any of you have tried this one.

Untill next time good luck to you @zija2022

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As my daughter would say: No, no, never, no, no!


I will say the same no no no no no no!


Totaly my reaction too.

Wierd cheese :) :) what a topic :) sure gonna try it :)

Thank you for participating in Curious Facts Contest #9

Another great entry from you. Good luck. :)

Resteemd and Upvoted.

  ·  3년 전

This reminds me of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, which is produced in Indonesia out of coffee cherries defecated by Asian palm civets.


thing with coffe is different . but this cheese . i rather eat common from sheep milk

No way! Not for me... 😁

That sounds interesting and delicious, yummy!
Ili ne..? hahah Why would anyone eat this damn.

i watched some documentary on this. everyone if fighting for the part with most maggots and they claim that it is delicious. and no, maybe for my life, but probably not :D

haven't tried it, as far as I know :)