The Enemy Within?


Tomorrow, the United States will, hopefully, engage a peaceful transition of power. In light of the events at the United States Capitol on January 6th, there are concerns. Radio host Thom Hartmann expressed fear of some soldiers or police pulling a Sadat; a group of rouge soldiers or officers assassinating President-elect Biden.

The FBI is doing what it can to keep this from happening, they are vetting the National Guard who are assigned to the inauguration. But has DC vetted it's police? Who is to say that a sympathetic soldier or police officer couldn't let an assassin slip through.

The events of the 6th and the presence of police and military in the mob have brought a focus on the radicalization of these professions. Law enforcement and the military are two fields that would attract the kind of authoritians that Trump, like any good social dominant leader, relies on for support.

Within the military we may have to many people who joined not so much to protect the country, but merely to kill people. Young people fed a diet of drone footage and FPS games who see the enemy as little more than a blip on a screen.

Vetting of the military and police should be an ongoing process, authoritians need to be weeded out. Perhaps these two professions realize that their ranks would be gutted?

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