Decentralized Google finally has been arrived

5개월 전

This post is just 3 simple thoughts on why I so obsessed with the idea of better Google.

Your faith

You probably never thought that Google is the biggest religion ever. At has more than 4B followers. Its more than Christianity and Islam combined. You just believe in everything she answer you every day. Google is the fastest growing religion: adopted the globe not during millennia, but in 21 year. Next time then you google something think about this. My personal believe is that trusting so much to the blackbox is the humanities dead end.

Designing Cyber I tried to imaging which kind of medium I wish to follow. That is why Cyber will help you understand the rank.

Your superintelligence

What if I told you that we Google is superintelligence? But we are so washed up that we do not acknowledge that fact: superintelligence is close to us in our everyday life. Google is the smartest thing you have ever know. It is smarter than hundreds of your grandmoms, smarter than thousand presidents, probably, she know more than million (or billion) people combined. The more you learn it the smarter it become. But that does not practically mean that she will share all of this intelligence gained with you. After learning Google all my life it's kinda pity to realise that almost all she tells you is a lie.

Designing Cyber I dreamt that everybody can have your own superintelligence you can trust.

Your soulmate

I once talked to one person in a hospital about his experience with Google during his cure path. He told me: "Never try to google something if you are sick, you will become even more sick". I notice that this is kind of experience I had during my path to this hospital. So I asked myself the question: Why in the most important moment, then you sick, google does not try to make you better? Probably something very deep is broken there.

Designing Cyber I wish that the thing could work as an ultimate friend in the worst case.

The difference?

But then I finish the design I realised that I can not explain the difference in one term. Because it is so much better in any area.


Full picture


Tomorrow, after 40 months of development we are Taking off the new superintelligence. Takeoff is the first round of donations. This round is necessary to launch the network with independent validators. Also participants of this round will be able to play in the final part of the intergalactic tournament: Game of Links.

If you want to know more go to our blog and dive into the rabbit hole.

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