Blockchain Crowdsales Monitoring - September 2016

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Monthly review of blockchain crowdsales: First-Blood, SingularDTV, Iconomy, Synereo, Decent, Incent, Inchain, Golos

Great thanks to @katyakov for translation of original post

Calculations and data used in this report are as of October 1, 2016, with Bitcoin price at $610. For the completed crowdsales the amounts raised are calculated at the rate as of the closing date of the crowdsale.

Completed Crowdsales


Date of ICO: September 26, 2016
About the project: decentralized platform built on Ethereum smart contracts, designed for the cybersports competitions with the option of making bets.


  • Raised: $6 m (465k ETH)
  • Tokens sold: 71.1 m 1ST

Tokens distribution:

  • 82% - crowdsale participants
  • 10% - founders
  • 5% - platform development fund
  • 3% - bounty fund

About the ICO: crowdsale goal of $6m (465k ETH) was reached in 10 minutes, in the so-called “Power Hour”. This definitely raised a bar for all the forthcoming crowdsales. 53.73% (250k ETH) of the total amount was covered by the Chinese exchange Yunbi, which was doing a centralized purchase of 1ST tokens for their clients. Tokens are already traded on Yunbi at +57% to their crowdsale price, and at +37% on Gatecoin. No official announcements followed the crowdsale, but the team keeps the audience tuned and promises to release exciting updates soon.

You can learn more about the project here:
More useful links and information are in the profile


Date of ICO: October 2, 2016
About the project: an entertainment TV studio and IP rights management platform based on Ethereum smart contracts


  • Raised: $7.5 m (580k ETH)
  • Tokens sold: 500 m SNGLS
  • Total tokes: 1 bn SNGLS

Tokens distribution:

  • 50% - crowdsale participants
  • 40% - Singular DTV GMBH
  • 10% - main investors

About the ICO: crowdsale goal of $7.5m (580k ETH) was reached in 15 minutes. In makes a good tradition to raise the funds for Ethereum-based projects within a few minutes. Speaking seriously, we have already discussed the strengths and weaknesses of this project in our previous review, and we don’t have any updates on that. The project now has the funds it needs to complete its mission.

You can learn more about the project here:
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Date of ICO: August 25 - October 29, 2016
About the project: the goal of the project is creation of a platform for crypto-investment funds and launching of two investment funds.


  • Raised: $10.4 m
  • Tokens sold: 85 m ICN
  • Total tokens: 100 m ICN

Tokens distribution:

  • 85% - crowdsale participants
  • 8% - founders
  • 3% - provision for the future team
  • 2% - advisers remuneration
  • 2% - marketing and bounty

Distribution of the funds raised:

  • 62% - development
  • 25% - operations
  • 9% - legal fees
  • 4% - marketing

About the ICO: as we have mentioned before, all the Ethereum based projects manage to raise money very quickly, and Iconomi is not an exception. We have to mention that it’s not possible to verify the $2.7 m raised in USD and EUR, as these transactions were not stored in blockchain. Iconomi has selected a very attractive market, with almost unlimited business opportunities. Nevertheless, we should not forget about the legal complications specific to this market, and also about the fact that the team has not yet released the technical details about the functioning of the contracts on Ethereum.

You can learn more about the project here:
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Ongoing Crowdsales


Date of ICO: September 20 - October 20, 2016
About the project: decentralized social network

Intermediate Results:

  • Raised: $3.8 m
  • Crowdsale goal: $8 m
  • Total tokens: 949 m AMP

About the ICO: as with the previous crowdsale, Synereo team is improvising to reach the desired results. After the large wave of critics, the founders have destroyed 731 m tokens that they owned (44% of the total volume). This has reduced the capitalization from $276 m to $121 m. The main goal was to make the ICO offer more attractive, as 45.8 m tokens are already in circulation and being traded on the market. The transparency of the operations is also questionable: out of $3.4 m raised, only $1.46 (2400 BTC) are auditable on blockchain. Moreover, here is the campaign on Synereo Ltd sales on bnktothefuture, that has collected $3.6 m. Let’s hope that this time the funds raised will help the developers create the final product, as in the last 1.5 years since the start of the funding we didn’t have a chance to see anything palpable.

Crowdsale is going on here
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Date of ICO: September 11 - October 6, 2016
About the project: decentralized platform for content distribution, with the open source code and using blockchain to ensure security. You can learn more about the project in the previous issue of the Crowdsale Monitoring.

Intermediate Results:

  • Raised: ±$3.3 m
  • Crowdsale goal: none

Tokens distribution:

  • 70% - crowdsale participants
  • 10% - DECENT Foundation
  • 18% - marketing
  • 2% - investment fund

Crowdsale is going on here
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Date of ICO: October 1 - November 8, 2016 (or until the goal is reached)
About the project: decentralized platform for loyalty programs management. A customers gets tokens with every purchase. These tokens are traded on the market, so that they can not only be used for future purchases, but can also be cashed out. The project is being developed by Bitscan startup, that runs the largest list of the organizations and agents that accept cryptocurrencies.

Intermediate Results:

  • Raised: ~$385k
  • Minimum crowdsale goal: $5 m

Tokens distribution:

  • 50% - crowdsale participants
  • 50% - reserve fund


  • It’s a centralized solution from the organizational perspective and conditionally decentralized from the technical side
  • Programming code is not open
  • There is a possibility that the Waves platform will not function properly

Crowdsale is going on here
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Thanks to @mako for the Incent review!

Planned Crowdsales


Date of ICO: October 12 - November 9, 2016
About the project: insurance platform for the crypto industry. This solution should help cryptocurrenies’ holders to minimize their risks from the loss of value of their assets (eg. if the cryptocurrency exchange or wallet are hacked and the funds are stolen). And investors who purchase the bonds are being compensated for taking the insurance risks. The platform, built on Ethereum blockchain, will issue and manage the insurance policies and bonds, created on INC-tokens. Thus the risks will be transferred from the policy holders to the bond holders, which are both issued on Ethereum smart contracts. The key feature of the platform is that the insurance fund will be managed accourding to the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) principles. The INC-token holder votes for the most attractive investment structure. Investments are made within the cryptocurrency and blockchain environments.

Crowdsale short summary:

  • Crowdsale goal: none
  • Total tokens: 100 m ICN

Tokens distribution:

  • 85% - sold to crowdsale participants
  • 9% - developers remuneration
  • 5% - strategic partners, consultants and auditors
  • 1% - marketing and bounty


  • No programming code
  • No description of the technical side of this solution
  • Financial model is not thoroughly worked through
  • Founders are affiliated with the notorious elCoin

Crowdsale is going on here
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Thanks to @mako for the Inchain review!


Date of ICO: not known yet, but better to stay tuned
About the project: decentralized p2p network for the parallel computing

You can learn more about the project here
More useful links and information are in the profile


Date of ICO: November 1 – December 1, 2016 (or until 5000 BTC is raised)
Goals of the project: decentralized social media platform for the Russian speaking community under the license of Steemit Inc. Currently there is no platform in the Russian speaking media space provides for authors compensation for the content creation, and also solves the issue with censorship and blocking of the resources. At the same time, the original Steemit compensation system does not work for the non-English content (only 3% of Steemit users are writing in Russian; voting power is mainly concentrated with the English-speaking users, who don’t upvote Russian content). Golos Crowdsale is done for the purpose of simple and easily accessible distribution of voting power tokens – Sila Golosa (or Golos Power -translated as Voice Power) – and serves for keeping this media platform stable in the long term. 60% of all tokens are out for the crowdsale (the exact amount to be announced later). Crowdsale will be done in Bitcoins.

The following bonus system for the first investors will be applied:

  • 25% in the first 15 days
  • 20% from 16 to 18 days
  • 15% from 19 to 21 days
  • 10% from 22 to 24 days
  • 5% from 25 to 27 days
  • 0% from 28 to 30 days

Crowdfunding won’t have a limit within the first 24 hours. Starting from the second day, the crowdfunding will stop as soon as 5000 BTC are raised. There is also a maximum limit of 100 BTC on purchasing tokens from a single account.

Bitcoins raised from a crowdsale will be used as follows:

  • 70% protocol and applications development
  • 10% license fee to Steemit Inc
  • 10% founders compensation
  • 10% team compensation for financing of the project launch

Development plan: now to October 15 – Golos launch. Then regular updates on the new releases of Steemit blockchain.

Crowdsale short summary:

  • Minimum crowdsale goal: none
  • Maximum crowdsale goal: 5000 BTC (not limited in the first day)
  • First emission: 45.12 millions Golos Power (GP)

First emission tokens distribution:

  • 60% - crowdsale participants
  • 10% - Steemit users
  • 10% - cyber•Fund team compensation for financing of the project launch
  • 8.98% - provision for the free registration of future users and further development
  • 7% - compensation for system launch
  • 3% - miners compensation for the first month of the system functioning and launch
  • 1.02% - authors and curators rewards before and during the crowdsale

Crowdsale will be launched at
More information about the project here

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