Start-ups : Are you following Cyber Security hygiene? Key steps to start cyber hygiene practices for small businesses / startups

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When it comes to cybersecurity hygiene, most startups remain in the same mindset. They are easy targets for hackers and they can be easily hacked. It has been proven statistically that startups tend to claim intellectual property in startup mode for long periods of time. They eventually lose it to their competitor or fuel information to the dark net.

Startups can't afford to ignore cyber security hygiene and posture. Cyber Security for Startups / Small Businesses

How and where can we start to focus on Cyber Security Controls?

  1. Prioritize the things you must protect! Determine the Cyber Impact of your business. Prioritize the services based on their importance. To do this, you must conduct an absolute Cyber Risk Assessment of your business. Prioritize the risks that have been identified that could bring down the reputation or cause the business to be closed down by non-compliance.

  2. You can use the Cyber Risk Assessment to help guide your work on technical vulnerability assessment. You should not limit your technical vulnerability assessment to your IT Assets. This includes your Application, Database, and Mobile Applications.

  3. Respect is the key to success. Cyber Security Controls are necessary to ensure that the operation is sustained and enhanced. This goes beyond the purpose of a certificate on the wall. Determine the compliance requirements that will guide your service and solution. To maintain and improve your cyber security, you must implement and continue to improve.

  4. Cloud Service can be leveraged, but your information on the Cloud must be protected. The Cloud Service Provider will protect your information and dispel the myth that your data is secure in the cloud. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine what is in the cloud. Regularly assess your cloud environment.

  5. Clients will sign up for products and services that are based on cyber security due diligence. Clients will want to consider Cyber Security Controls as a strategic approach, and not just at the operational level. Cyber Security should be a part of your business strategy.

  6. Assess the cyber security controls of your service providers and vendors. Incorporate them into the overall risk register of your organisation.

  7. Make an impact. Encourage awareness among your employees, contractors, and consultants. It should be a continuous effort, not a one-time event.

  8. Hire Virtual CISO (vCISO), services that will help you set the Cyber Security Professional standard for your organization.

  9. Cyber Security budget is an exclusive item in the Allocate Budget and it is not part of IT.

  10. Include Business Continuity Service. Assess the impact of Cyber Security Events and Incidence on business service. Implement Crisis and Incident response plans.

Learn more about how you can improve your organization's Cyber Security and Hygiene!

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