Give Them the Finger - Wax Hand Fools Authentication

8개월 전

Researchers recreate a wax hand to fool biometrics.  This is the latest, albeit a little creepy, effort to undermine biometric authentication.  Add this to previous fingerprint, facial, and iris hacks of various quality.  With AI systems well down the road to recreate face video and voices, we will see more challenges to developing hardened authentication systems that are still relatively friction-free for users.   

I still believe biometrics are much better than passwords or PIN's, but they will always have significant weaknesses that technology is getting better at exploiting.  In the end, biometrics only has a limited lifespan of usefulness.  

Enjoy using the convenience of biometrics while we can. 

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I think that bio metrics would be better than passwords in several ways.

There is no stopping is there? It's just a matter of time before the next big authentication system gets hacked.

its scary to think something so unique and secure as your fingerprint can be duplicated and used to "impersonate" you, one could say


This goes beyond fingerprints and looks at the vein pattern under your skin.

Interesting. Maybe blood samples :)

Madame Tussaud takes on hacking!

Hi @mrosenquist i think biometric works great but at the same time a password well made works great too both are useful for us but it depends of the kind of bussines for example in a factory is always better use the biometric procces but in a office is better use passwords. Regards


Agreed. It really comes down to the use-case for different authentication methods.