Video Interview: Winning Hearts and Minds for Security with Naomi Buckwalter

2개월 전

One of the greatest challenges for a cybersecurity leader is to convey the present digital risks upward to the c-suite and Board of Directors. Representing to executive leadership the value of security, which protects the organization’s assets, reputation, capabilities, and people, is vital to gain necessary support or quell resistance for cybersecurity initiatives.

In today’s Cybersecurity Insights podcast, I am talking with Naomi Buckwalter about how to communicate cybersecurity to the Board. Naomi is a virtual CISO, Director of Information Security, and the founder of the Cybersecurity Gatebreakers Foundation. She brings a wealth of experience, insights, and solid recommendations for cybersecurity leaders.

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She has tremendous passion and energy!

Interesting topic, encourages to be more up-to-date about it. It concerns us all. Blessings.