Claiming funding for your application on CyberWay

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CyberWay was designed as a blockchain platform for creating applications. Inheriting basic EOS parts and logic, we intended and did build our protocol using the more decentralized approach having app developers in mind.

When it comes to making our solutions unique, humble and attainable, we’re here to offer something very useful for app developers. It’s not only a blockchain structure that allows you to build apps using microservice architecture. It’s not a single smart way of distributing resources your app might need. But it’s also an opportunity of getting Cyber tokens from the Application Fund to fund the use of CyberWay bandwidth.

What kind of applications can fit CyberWay? Any of it. We’re here to become a family of decentralised as well as centralised applications that need speed and reliability of transactions.

How can I ask for funding (lease of Cyber tokens) for my application? CyberWay has formed a special Application Fund. The tokens can be requested in the following sequence of steps. First, you validators might lease you Cyber tokens. Then they could grant them to you. The steps are the following:

Step 1
Make a request for funds to CyberWay validators describing your application and your goals. Pay attention to MAU of your application that we are interested in. Read our special guide here:

See an example:
A brand new social application that is about to operate on CyberWay was has claimed bandwidth as our community member @Nickstefan did a public a request (precisely, asking 10% of Cyber tokens from the Application Fund to be delegated to the new application). He also mentioned registering the unique app token - CMN - in the system registry of CyberWay:

Step 2

Persuade CyberWay validators to delegate tokens using the official CyberWay channels:


CyberWay - (for general questions and inquiries)
CyberWay Validators - (for questions and inquiries concerning validators of CyberWay platform)
CyberWay Dev - (for instant technical feedback from our Dev team)
Official CyberWay Forum -
Check the entry of @Nickshtefan via Official CyberWay forum:

Step 3
Get your Cyber tokens leased for your own application.
The proposals covering the establishment of application and a token in the registry mentioned above were approved and signed by 19 of the top 26 validators.

Transactions executed successfully:
Please note that Commun application has managed to specify both it’s goals for funding and token registry scenario.

The Cyber tokens were delegated to this project on Sat, 6th of November.

MAU expected? CyberWay is likely to encourage the applications to have estimates of about 100 000 MAU during the year.
Can I register my own unique application token within the CyberWay system? Absolutely, you can do that with a preliminary agreement of CyberWay validators. Read more about the terms in “Applying for token registration” section below.

See, you don’t need loads of funds if you have a brilliant idea and a precise business plan. We’d like to see more applications coming to our network, breaking their own yearly goals and, most importantly, engaging people into their dream communities.

Don't hesitate to join our community via:



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