On it's way: Transactions performed and new social application on CyberWay platform

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Dear members of the CyberWay community!

As for November 7th, we introduced a new application to be shortly launched on CyberWay. As you already know, @Nickstefan pushed a request claiming bandwidth (10% of Cyber tokens from the Application Fund to be delegated to the new application) and registration of the app token - CMN - in the system registry of CyberWay: https://golos.io/~c/bandwidth-request-for-communities-project-1572974553926

Both proposals were approved and signed by 19 of the top 26 validators:

  1. https://explorer.cyberway.io/trx/fb2d88216333c1483c90e655bf4de2157a3b64f61629c611eaa5e6ca734c8288
  2. https://explorer.cyberway.io/trx/73283f93741c4ddee0b6ae32c781d561144bda8d328a400c63d58bae48ece141

Now we’d like to announce the execution of both transactions:

  1. CMN token configuration: https://explorer.cyberway.io/trx/8e775f5d2bb074de054d1dbab39b6df4698d8c8503e1755ccfd1c5fe9badfc53
  2. Funds allocation to the application: https://explorer.cyberway.io/trx/5bd0cdd8e6d1976505e654a6991b89465ef59825e40fe5481ceeaf31d0417380

Bandwidth is delegated to @c.bandwidth account, and new CMN token is registered in the system registry.

We are waiting for the product to be launched. Hope, all CyberWay community will gain from this development.

Last but not least, we’d like to remind all app developers that Application Fund is open to you! Let us know what you are building, approx. launch estimates and what you expect in terms of KPI, and claim your CYBERs.

Don't hesitate to join our community via:



We'll keep you updated over https://twitter.com/cyberwayio

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