Validators weekly activity review - December 4-11

2개월 전

Dear members of the CyberWay community!

We’re happy to present our weekly review of validators’ activities.

You can hop into our block explorer ( at any time to track the productivity of validators. Each of our reports is to provide you with the most recent and coherent data for the last 7 days.

Please note! We’ve made some adjustments on the validators pages. We decided to remove emojis linked up to the missed blocks interface in order to avoid confusion. All block connected indications to be depicted in bold in the nearest future (by the end of the current 2 week sprint).


As for this week, we’re heading toward normality when it comes to the number of blocks missed. Some validators’ insufficient performance is courtesy the last week turbulence causing the incongruence - while the major part of block producers are definitely perfectioning their state.

@alexna and @stihi-io nodes are under @cyberwaydev assistance at the moment.

@golosboard is aware of the problems as well.

We kindly ask @micu, @xtar and @celeste to keep an eye on their personal statistics.

As usual we would like to express our gratitude to the most generous validators, especially the ones who have managed to adjust their reward rates since we’ve started publishing our validator reports. Thank you so much for your awareness as well as for being engaged to this impeccable extent.

Please note! The public seed nodes are extremely important to CyberWay. Having them in abundance does increase the resiliency of the network infrastructure and ensures smooth and reliable work of the network even in case force-majeure events leading to a shutdown of existing seed nodes (e.g., as a result of an accident / economical factors or legal problems / natural disasters / as a matter of disconnection / human factor / etc.).

Dear Validators! Help CyberWay expand by setting a seed node on your own. Send the addresses of your seed nodes in the form of a pull-request to the public list:

Don't hesitate to join our community via:



We'll keep you updated over

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