End of 30-days bike challenge

8개월 전

Last month from 15th Nov I took up a bike challenge myself to ride on a bicycle as much as possible. It was after more than 25 years I used a bicycle as a mode of transportation for a whole month. It was a mixed experience to ride on a bike when we have no habit to go slow anywhere. Of course, it is a slow mode of transportation but that can be managed most of the time if we are really not in a hurry.
In last one month, I tried to use it wherever possible but sometimes I feel it has limitations and not convenient when I have to carry some luggage, to go with other person or in the night. Still, I used the cycle for my regular grocery shopping by using a backpack and a bag hanging on the handle.


Cycling is an excellent physical exercise when we always have an excuse of not having extra time. In last one month, I ride about 250 km on cycle and lost about 2km weight. I am not sure that I lost weight due to cycling but I would like to give complete credit to cycling.
I am a bit sure that my biking inspired some known and unknown persons as one of my friend hired the same bike and some shown interest to have a bike.
Today I returned my rented bike as now I am thinking to buy a new one.

Will be back to bike as soon as I buy it.

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I think that a bicycle is a great idea for health and an ecological type of transport) wish you success)

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It would have been better if you had renewed your monthly lease until you buy a new one. Anyway, it's a great news that you have decided to buy a new bike now.

Will your biking experience have any bearing on your new year resolution?


I never make any new year resolution! :-)


Good, I knew that! ...just wanted to make sure of your this resolve 😜