Cool ride home

5개월 전

I just finished a 20.383km cycle that lasted about 1hh:11mm:46ss !


The weather has turned cooler since the lovely conditions I had for my half marathon at the weekend, although it was nice enough to sit outside for lunch in the week. Now that race is done I want to get back to more regular cycling. The cooler weather suits me as I can get pretty warm usually. It was still warm enough for shorts and t-shirt, but I do not have 'proper' cycling gear.

I look pretty much my regular route that joins the Greenway around Letchworth where I ran on Sunday. I diverted near the end to take a short cut to where the parkrun happens and then it was downhill all the way home. I feel I am not up to full strength on cycling, but I hope I can work those muscles over the next few months. I did not feel too bad after this, but I would like to improve the pace a little.

It amuses me that I started this ride at 13:37 (aka l33t/elite in geek talk).

Wildlife seen along the way included lots of rabbits (one dead), a black squirrel and a heron. I've noticed a lot of birdsong lately, which is an encouraging sign that nature is getting by, but I am sure we do not get as many birds in the garden as we used to.

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Nice work! 20km is a pretty awesome distance for a ride home!

I've recently started to get into cycling as well -- awesome cardio workout that's a bit more gentle on the joints. Plus, it really kinda makes me feel like a kid again.

(Side note -- my old friend used to have 31337 "aka ELETE aka ELITE" as his PIN for most of his banking).


I don't do this ride every day, but I finish early on a Friday, so it's a nice way to spend the extra time I have. I would like to look at doing it more often when I am not in a rush to get back, although it only takes about twice as long as the train and walking.

Sounds like a really nice ride. I was driving home the other day and I saw an eagle swoop down and grab a dead rabbit off the road. I thought he was going to hit my car. It was crazy!


We don't get eagles here, but the red kites are spectacular. Saw one over our house just now.

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Nice work man.
I recently started cycling too to strengthen my legs and it feels great.

Didn't knew about exhaust.
I am gonna start using their site from tommorow.
One question though.
The map and the timers are from exhaust or from another app?


Yo! I'm the dude behind the scenes on the @exhaust project -- so I'll chime in here.

The image that @steevc uploaded is from whatever app he uses on his phone to track his run -- so they're not generated by @exhaust. But, there are some options / settings that can be turned on/off to enable maps, and @exhaust also calculates a lot of the specific distance / duration / elevation / pace data from the GPS tracked file that is submitted with an activity.

You can see the page for @steevc's bike ride here.

Be advised the the site is currently an alpha-version of the project, and that I'm currently working on a new beta-version that I hope to have everyone using some time this summer.

If you're interested in learning more, please feel free to check out the FAQ or ask me any questions. I try to respond quickly -- but sometimes I get a little swamped w/ my real day-job and don't get a chance for a bit.

Look forward to seeing you around -- and stay tuned for the updated version of the project soonTM!


Nice to meet you man.

Thank you for the quick response.
I just read the FAQ and I have no questions.
If all things go as planned, I am gonna do a small @exhaust test tomorrow.

Have a great day bro.


The stats are from Endomondo, but you can import the GPX trace into Exhaust so they can calculate stuff.