Cycling The Mae Hong Son Loop - Day 2 | Pai To Mae Hong Son


Hey !

Second day of the mae hong son loop.

bike : surly ogre

camera : Gopro hero 7

instagram :

My Gear:

Canon 77D Camera
Canon 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 IS Lens
Canon 50mm f1.8 STM Lens
Canon 24mm F2.8 STM Lens
Huawei Y7 2018
Gitup Git2 Action Cam
SIRUI 3T- 35R Tripod
Joby Gorilla Pod
Rode Video Micro Mic
Blue Yeti Mic
SIRUI T2205X Tripod
XBox One Controller
Manfrotto 190GO Tripod
Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Head

All images and text published in this post are my original work. Please Use your own original content.If you want to use some of my content please don't hesitate to contact me and i'll do the best to help you out.

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from / to Pai is just a no no for me. That's soooo dangerous! Big salute to you both the bike ride and the 18 mins video uploading :D hahaha


Hahahaha thank you Mo!

I wish someday going to ride like this

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Man it's not that complicated, just take your bike and start riding..


I don't have a bike...

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And in my city I don't have that cool roads... Life is so bad... :D

I must buy a bike

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  ·  작년


This was an awesome movie (not a vlog or video)!

Thank you for sharing all these life lessons and these views,
your progress and all that stuff.

It was an absolutely exciting piece of videography - I was not able to pause it and I missed the end a bit. Like with a good movie with open end ^^ So Im curious for your next video pal.

The footage looks so awesome. You did an excellent job with color grading (you did color grading on that video right? ^^)

I like the perspectives you arranged by driving the little steps 3 fucking times(?!) :) (first to arrange the cam - second to record yourself - third to take the cam back ^^)

You are just crazy!

But your awesome effort paid off obviously.

This cinematic fighting scene man.. You are an animal.
This downhill scenes where ultra crazy. Way too fast for me brother... way to fast. I can repeat myself:

You are an animal.

I love the way you are greeting the people there. It seems that everyone is friendly. Peace on earth.

What is in this drink? It sounds a bit like a healthy drink but it could also be an energy drink lol Please let me know! I want to "do more & be more" as well ;)

(i hope you cleaned your space from the trash at min 13:16)

In the end you are really looking tired man. It was surely a hard fight.

The whole movie I was feeling the pain and joy of you man. It was just really an incredible movie brother.

Super nice footage, nice perspectives, awesome editing and motivational speeches. That was a masterpiece in my opinion.

Thank you for sharing and motivating!


Yewwwww man what a comment!
I did color grade the footage, I'm glad you like my editing style my friend :)

The downhill parts kept me motivated to keep pushing, I was suffering a lot on the bike that day. But like i said i really enjoy it. I know it's really weird but i just love the challenge haha

The drink was an electrolyte cycling energy drink, was pretty good actually.
You know i filmed that shot on 13:16 on purpose, So people would comment on that. and here you are commenting. Yes i did cleaned it up :)

Seriously man thank you for watching, It was really hard to create this vlog. since the only thing that i was thinking about when i was shooting this is to get to my destination as fast as possible..

Cheers brother, You're really encouraging :)

love it ... thank u so much !!


No worries :)

Me encantó este post, la vista de la fotografía también es espectacular.