Introducing the Brand New 'Steemit Cypher Sunday'! Official Submission Post - Calling All Emcees! Spit 8 Bars of Positivity and Be Included in the Weekly Rap Cypher

4년 전


Today I am grateful to introduce Steemit Cypher Sunday, a weekly cypher that you can participate in to spread positive vibes, build community, and earn SBD for your gift of expression!

The aim with this cypher is to build up our skills and share our unique perspectives. Let’s use this as an opportunity to uplift, inspire, and create a better world. Words are vibration, and these vibrations affect physical matter, so the more we speak truth, the more truth we will see in the world.

For this contest, spit 8 bars to the beat provided, and at the end of the week I will compile all of the valid entries into a cypher video, where we’re all joined together creating a unique song and video!

The final video and song will be uploaded to DTube and DSound next Sunday (2-18-18), and all participants will receive an equal portion of the final SBD payout!

For our first cypher, we will be using fellow Steemian, and my brother, @themixedhippie’s beat, ‘Heavens’, with this week’s theme being “Overcome”.

Download below from YouTube or from DSound!

DSound /

(8 bars begins at 0:10 and ends at 0:29)

Check out the official rules below!


  • Upvote and Resteem this post

  • Craft a new post with the tag #cyphersunday and include:

  1. a video of you performing 8 bars to the track above to YouTube (8 bars begins at 0:10 and ends at 0:29)
  2. a second version with ONLY your vocals (i.e No music in the background, this way I can mix them into the final track, so use headphones while you record. This can be uploaded to either YouTube or DSound, but make sure you enable the download button on DSound.)
  • Express yourself, but keep it clean. The aim with this cypher is to uplift, inspire, and bring more positivity into the world. This week’s theme is “Overcome”. Entries that fit this theme and provide a positive message will be considered valid, and will be included in the cypher!

  • Comment your entry below! In order for your submission to count, and to guarantee I see it, comment below!

  • Submissions are open until Friday night, February 16th, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST. This means get your flows in this week! After Friday, I’ll be in editing mode, and will unfortunately miss your submission if posted after the deadline.

  • Payouts from the final cypher posts on DTube and DSound will be split equally amongst all emcees in the cypher, once rewards have closed out and have hit my account!

  • Support each other! Upvoting and commenting on other emcees' posts and comments is highly encouraged! Let's build together!

Much love to you all and I can't wait to make this happen!! We're going to create something magical!

Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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Flow was dopeeee bro!!!

Can you double check the link to the acapella, it's showing those infamous three dots and won't let me play it.

Much love bro!


@bryandivisions here you go bredren


Perfect bro thank you!


Sickkkk bro thanks for submitting, this is fire!


This was sick man.


I'm no emcee but im all about inspiring and positivity.
Here's my submission!
Do I need to make a blog post? Edit: Just made one, and used Dtube!



Yess bro so glad you joined in!!!


Keep at it bro!!

Here is my entry on tha Cyper. I am having trouble getting the acapella uploaded to youtube. I recorded on audacity, and use a converter and then even edited it in Windows Movie Maker and it still would not upload to youtube.... I Neeed Help!!!! haha
Anyways here is the first part!


I agree bro, be true to yourself. Society just wants to box you up and count heads.

Honoured to be a part of this from a producing standpoint. I suggest making a separate post calling producers and composers for beat submissions.


Very good idea bro!


I got MAD beats just collecting dust.


That would be dope! You spoke my mind out on this!

BTW, phone recordings okay?


Yes def! Use what you have, phones are totally OK :)

Yes finally!! Been talking about something like this with some of the rappers here and I'm super happy you're doing this! Great idea to go after a theme and I hope you keep finding dope beats like this from Steemit producers. I'll try to write something for this week, peace!


Dope bro! I'd love to hear you on this!

8 bars fron Tulip to the Steemit people.

Hey nice idea. Will see how the vibes flow this week. Good luck!!

  ·  4년 전

This looks pretty cool. So if time permits this week I'll give it a go.

Edit: So in the track the 10 seconds plus 8 bars?


I just had the 10 seconds in at the beginning to give us some time to feel the beat before going in! So just the 8 bars.

Would love to see you on this bro! Much love!

  ·  4년 전

I'm gonna give it the good old college try!!

Dude I am so hyped for this! I don't consider myself an emcee at all(rapped for fun for a short period of time)... but I'm all about inspiring and positivity and would love to participate.

This idea is sick.

edit: Quick question, is there a time limit? I know you specified 8 bars, but should it be within that 30 second clip(~20 seconds after the initial 10?)


Awesome I'd love to hear you! and yes the timing would be from 0:10 to 0:29

Wtf? How did I not see this???!! I'm in. Love the 8 bar idea too. I'm gonna hit you up later about an idea need a few ppl to make it work. Peace bro.

Peace bredren. I'd like to submit beats to this in the future. This is dope. I've played reggae music in Asheville before too. That's a good music town. Im from Richmond VA.


Awesome bro! and yes Asheville is huge for music, there are so many venues here. Glad you're interested in submitting beats! I'll get that next part worked out for future cyphers. Much love bro!

This is a GREAT idea! I will have my 8 bars in no later than Tuesday. I am very excited about this opportunity to bring a massive collaboration of light together. Overcome we will...


Yes excited to hear you! Thanks for spreading your light!!


So apparently my mic and headphone jack are one in the same on my laptop here. I have my 8 bars completed but no way to sinc up with the instrumental you provided since i cant hear the track when I spit. Since I am out of the country rn, it has been a little hard to find another pc to use that has separate headphone and mic jacks. I am still working on it, and I hope to have it up before the deadline. There are other emcees here that also want to participate with the same issue so hopefully it gets figured out. My apologies for the delay.


No problem bro, what if you played the beat off your phone and recorded the vocals into your laptop? You can use headphones in your phone and use the mic wired into your laptop. Let me know if this will work bro!

Dope idea, really dope. I'm hitting up so many different projects right now, but if time permits I will definitely hop on.


Yeah bro you're crushing it! and feel free to use any previously written bars if they fit with the theme!

This right here is a beautiful thing! The aim with this cypher is to uplift, inspire, and bring more positivity into the world. This is a dope dope dope idea.


Thanks bro would love you hear you on this beat!


Most def! I'm working on it right now.

Legit, I am so hopping on this, I just hope I can do all the recording stuff correctly!!!


Yes bro we'd love to have you! If you run into any issues hit me up and I'll help you out!


For sure, I will be sure to do so if needed!

will you do this every sunday?


Yes that is the plan!

I need to get on my rap game i be slacking

Whens the next one?! How do I hop on this?


I'll be starting them every sunday, but you can enter right here on this page! Submission deadline is tonight at 11:59 PM EST


Damn i wish i saw this earlier. Alright im on for next sunday!

Dope initiative @bryandivisions!


Thanks for the support bro!

Yes bro!!! This is dope!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres my track!

And this here is the acapella version.

Good luck everyone, can't wait to see what you guys create.


Dope job bro!!!

Here's the official music video for 'Overcome'!

So glad to see this cypher taking off! Here's my verse homies!
Lyrics on my blog post!

Follow back and keep support me please
On my blog @mobbi
Thanks in advance for your love and support

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Hell ye. Il get on this today!

very nice

this is very important information