Cyphersunday: First ever Dtube video

3년 전

Cypher Sunday

Today I submitted my video to @bryandivisions 'Steemit Cypher Sunday'! Spit 8 Bars of Positivity and Be Included in the Weekly Rap Cypher.

Here is his original post:

I think what @bryandivisions is doing is awesome. I'll be sure to return and check out all the emcees every Sunday!

Be sure to check out the final product that he puts together on Sunday. It will be a mesh of all the people who participated all combined in one video.

This isn't usually the content I would be doing.. and by that I mean I'm no emcee! But what I am all about is inspiring and creating positivity.. and because of that, I am participating in this weeks #cyphersunday

Without further ado, here is my very amature submission!

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  ·  3년 전

Yea man A for effort. I'm glad a lot of people decided to do this.

Nice bro killed it! Thanks for entering bro!!


Thank you!

So I used OBS studio to do the recording, and I had so many syncing issues. Like this version isn't even synced how I wanted it(microphone line latency or something). All I know is microphone was slightly delayed compared to desktop audio, putting my bars slightly off beat. After multiple trys this was the best I could get the bars lined up.

Do you have any software / methods you recommend when it comes to recording desktop audio/microphone/video? I have FL studio, and have heard of audacity but I believe those only produce and audio files and I wasn't sure how to record video at the same time and then sync it.


Thanks man. I don't rap at all, and had ran into issues recording.. but I think it turned out okay!


Practice is all it take bro, try listening to yourself over and over...when doing so you're hear a certain sound are accent of any word you pronounced thats different! Capitalize on that word/sound and build your craft from beyond different! #staymotivated

so guys just come to steemit and tell us what they are doing and have done and thats it?


Yes.. I guess that's something they can do.
I usually post about things i'm interested in, or what I think others would like to hear about.

you always have the best content

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