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Most of us, come from a place where internet data is readily and freely available why some don’t. In the light of this, there is need for the easy circulation of this internet data among everyone in need for it. Those data you have which you can’t use it all up, you can share with those who do not have and in return, you get rewarded for it.

This is a good thing as you get extra bucks for just sharing your internet data which you couldn’t use up or just sharing a portion of it for more profit. Now, how is this possible? This is only possible through the SID project. SID is all about sharing internet data in a decentralized and autonomous manner. The SID project aims to revolutionize the internet data space and make internet data available to all. One can share their unused or excess data on the SID platform in exchange for a reward. The sharing of internet data is automated using the SID tokens. You may be wondering how will this work? The SID project is built on the blockchain technology and the blockchain is know for it’s multiple cutting-edge peer to peer experience, and as such SID is providing a platform where peers can meet for the exchange of their internet data for the SID tokens.

The SID platform will enhance ways through which data is obtained. Data will no longer be only obtained through conventional data network providers or dealers, it will be more enhanced and obtained on a peer to peer basis. This will further open many doors and make internet data access more robust to everyday user.

This internet data sharing mechanism will be handled and processed through the SID mobile app. Users, use this app to either share or receive internet data. Now, internet data will be available to anyone anywhere on the globe all thanks to SID project and many people can use this opportunity to have access to the internet and connect with people which they were not opportune to before. The SID project is solving a problem facing the world today which is lack of readily available data for end users at all times.

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V nice dear i am new.....


You are most welcome, finding your way around won't be too difficult, also let me know if you need anything at all.


Thanks dear

Nice concept. Such technology will really helpful . Keep it up. Following your next blog.


The tech is a great one touching a very crucial niche of our lives. Everyone around the globe today, neds the internet to stay connected and accessing the internet is only possible through data which is not readily available to all. The SID project is a revolution.


Thank you. :)