body definition -daily motivation#28

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no better way to start the day with love

love yourself now even if no one else loves you.

Your body cant be replaced. You are special, unique, and you should take care of yourself, from the simplest of hygene, to the healthy habits. And lastly, keep your mind young. If you love yourself, you will value your body, and will take good care of it. I like to think about, if I will ever get in trouble, I can fend myself, and survive unknown dangers. Be it fitness or dancing. You should fill out those basic check marks, you should be able to pull yourself up over a legde, or a wall in time of emergency, you should be able to jump across a distance more than your height is. You should do pullups. You must train your core. You must be agile. And know what you can or cannot do with your body.
You owe it to yourself.

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i do hope you learn something from this.

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