tale of the bear. (short story)

3년 전

there was a bear, in the land of nophia
he was a wild bear, and it showed.
yet he was friendly to his friends.
he had his trusty friend. fish which he
would eat , when he meats, them
and then there are his friends hooomans
but they run away from him cos he thinks
they dont like his story.
oh well, who can he fool...
he got no friends...
this bear scares everyone away....
but why? no one know. it makes him sad
he got a scar on his arm.
everyone in the forrest knows him.
this bear sleeps, when he wants,
but he hates honey. for some odd reason.
i guess cos he is a real bear with bear problems.
he thinks he is smart when he climbs on trees
where no one sees him. his life goes on...
and he meets other bears too, but
he drives them away. he doesnt want to play
this bear is a weird one. what does it like to do?
you guessed wrong if you thought sleeping.
this weird bear likes to make trouble.

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