daily motivation#21 remove yourself from trashbin

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love finds its own mountain to climb, not climb on others.

get organised, people are people and some people are just plain hazardus, know it they or not. you need to steer clear of them, it might be harsh, but they need to grow. how long will you let them hinder your progress.... how long will you depend on people who are not competent enough to lead? take the torch and go on your way, discover what you can do. expand on it and grow from there. make the distinction. what do you want. and go through with it. you can be , and become a light of beacon for others. find your purpose and go towards it.

kindly follow, express yourself, upvote swiftly.

i do hope you learn something from this.

if someone could dedicate daily votes for me
that would be awesome cos i will not stop motivating you daily.
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