you will get there -daily motivation#27

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new start for better choices

love does not take hostages.

so you want something done, achive something. be it anything. for small tasks it is not a requierment. but for big, or length goals , a PLAN is necesity. there are many people living day and night doing something but it does not lead them anywhere. why? its cos no one told them that they can plan, schools does not teach to plan ahea, schools just wants you to puke out what they fed you. so you shouldnt rely on outside forces too much , it does not benifit you. what you have is your tools, use them wisely, dedication, planing skills, mind, arms legs, you must use those tools, to better your surroundings.
no matter what you want, without a plan you wont get very far.

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i do hope you learn something from this.

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