Things going smooth! - THANK you for all the help!

3년 전


1. Thank you!

The #dailycharity fundraising through the donation of post's payout is now closed! We'd like to thank everyone that donated their post's payout to @dailycharity!
We had the HUGE help from @mracalf, @rogergalvao, @fireguardian, @nascimentoab, @zpedro, @helgapn, @casagrande, @mafaldation, @tiagoferezin, @tmarisco, @duarte9sousa, @matheusggr and @msp-brasil! THANK YOU!

We've had some direct donations from @leodelara (2 STEEM), @mracalf (0.5 SBD), @cicisaja (0.196 SBD and 1 STEEM), @aleister (2 SBD), @warnas (1 SBD), @simplymike (3 SBD), and @tmarisco (1 SBD). THANK YOU!

I also need to mention the huge help by @casberp and the #ptgram project, @helgapn for the institutional contacts, and @tmarisco for mobilizing both portuguese and brazilian communities, as well as managing the Telegram chat and lots of other things! THANK YOU!

You can still donate directly until the 30th June! @duarte9sousa will be offering a monthly 4SP delegation for each 2 STEEM you donate to @dailycharity!


2. Now to business!

By the time I'm writing this post our wallet has:

  • 6.125 STEEM, which is about 6.921€
  • 13.960 SBD, which is about 12.91€

This leaves us with a total of 19.20€. There are yet some pending payouts from last week's post but I don't expect much more than a total of 20€ of donation to São Tomé. Unless STEEM price shoots to the stars, which we all desire.

This is not much. STEEM price is having a bad time. So following the recommendation of @casberp, I'll be personally backing twice the value we have gathered. So for example if we get 20€, I'm gonna put another 20€ out of my own pocket. Once the STEEM price doubles value (which I'm pretty sure will happen), I'll exchange it. This way we can offer double the gathered value. I'm taking a bit of a personal risk but that's fine.

3. @duarte9sousa offer!

As I said above, @duarte9sousa will be offering 4SP for a month if you donate 2 STEEM to @dailycharity. Just transfer 2 STEEM to @dailycharity and we'll take care of the rest.

Just remember to do so until the 30th June!


4. Donations in crypto

I'd like to point an anonymous donation in Gridcoin for 4 GRC. The value of GRC is about 0.02€ so this means 0.08€ which is almost nothing. But it was a nice gesture so I wanted to thank whoever anonymously donated!

You can also donate crypto via these wallets (except from Gridcoin, we hadn't any other donations):

Bitcoin (BTC): 16PPGv5WipSvQgqmqaZEe8iCMAavzt5bZL
Ethereum (ETH): 0xb37E3A39ad64C8E772090E50C09d88f8761c1567
Litecoin (LTC): LLBsMBMWkrCygHmJssqwbvNsoKaZPuUREM
ZCash (ZEC): t1VbM7k6VngGbu953nzZWuTTgRo2G1oBRAT
Gridcoin (GRC): Rzs1NF5s6Cwq4LE6mqLqqC4J5t5b7g8rcn

5. State of affairs regarding São Tomé institutions

I contacted directly the founder of the "Fundação da Criança e da Juventude" (Child and Youth Foundation). It's a well-known institution in São Tomé and we'll certainly visit it and donate the physical stuff we've been gathering (clothes, children's DVDs, didatic stuff such as pencils, glues, etc). We're also thinking about making some dance and music workshops for the kids there, it's gonna be fun. We'll spend a whole day with them.

Captura de ecrã 2018-06-26, às 16.37.34.png

In the meantime, @helgapn is still waiting for some craftmanship workshops, and we expect to use our hard-worked STEEM donations to buy them kid's educational things that we'll donate to a local school. If it fails, we'll donate that to the foundation I presented above. If everything fails, as a last resource measure, we'll donate the money to the foundation as well. As mentioned before, I don't trust any institution with money.

6. Next moves

So here's our schedule (subject to alterations):

  1. After the 2th July I'll be writing a post comprising all the donations gathered until then. This value is going to be FINAL and everything we get after that will be used for the next fund-raising campaign (see point 3.).
  2. I'll go offline on the 5th July and I'll probably won't post until the 21th July. If possible (depends on the availability of internet connection there), I'll try to post some pictures of our work in São Tomé so you can see our hard-worked STEEM doing good stuff for those kids!
  3. In the meantime, someone else will use this account to organize a new fundraising campaign. If you're interested in leading a project you'd like to support yourself, please tell us on this telegram group. We'll be selecting a project by the end of July!

DQmS1SF61LjKWUuHRToDmXTHysQHtjsBLomDLTnuw58UsPJ_1680x8400 (1).png

That's it for today!

I remind you the addresses for donations in crypto:

Bitcoin (BTC): 16PPGv5WipSvQgqmqaZEe8iCMAavzt5bZL
Ethereum (ETH): 0xb37E3A39ad64C8E772090E50C09d88f8761c1567
Litecoin (LTC): LLBsMBMWkrCygHmJssqwbvNsoKaZPuUREM
ZCash (ZEC): t1VbM7k6VngGbu953nzZWuTTgRo2G1oBRAT
Gridcoin (GRC): Rzs1NF5s6Cwq4LE6mqLqqC4J5t5b7g8rcn


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Show! Estaremos acompanhando de perto! Boa sorte! E que seja a primeira de muitas! Ainda tenho 2 em aberto, as postagens de ontem do @msp-brasil e do meu perfil @matheusggr. Será que consigo te enviar na segunda que vem quando sair? Até quando posso te enviar?


Boas! Até segunda-feira ainda consigo receber para esta campanha. A partir desse dia vais-me perdoar mas não consigo esperar mais, e o valor recebido irá para a próxima campanha!


Até segunda te envio. Ou mesmo se não sair a tempo. Te envio o estimado de ser recebido da minha própria conta mesmo!

Hope that the donation will increased before june 30th. I will send another SBD from the pifc that i got last week, not much but hope it will be usefull.


Thank you so much @cicisaja, your help means a lot!


will wait for the latest report... Happy to participate and wish that you can continue doing this in the future.

Are yah saying “monthly 4SP” as in actually monthly transference of 4SP because of on the one time 2 Steem donation, or a one-time transaction of 4SP for 2 Steem to @dailycharity?


Hi! He's gonna delegate 4sp for 1 month, for each 2 steem you donate... After 1 month it's over, so you don't get to keep the 4 sp


Oj, that makes a lot of sense. Anyways, hope the charity squeezes out more steem/sbd by the end of it!


It just feels wrong that the amount of money we're able to donate is dependent on the trade prices... But it is a clear picture of today's society!


Welcome to the World of Capitalism, built upon uneven development and its own lingua franca to people.

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Que grande trabalho fizemos :) Todos juntos \o/ Lindo de se ver e participar. Obrigadíssima por ter nos dado essa oportunidade sensacional.

Nice project! Good to see that the Brazilian/Portuguese community is making the difference.

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