Dailycharity | All set! Time to go!

3년 전

I'm so happy! Just finished buying the stuff I'll be carrying with me, bought with the money we raised in the #dailycharity project.

We bought:

4 paper glue sticks 10grams each
1 paper glue stick 40grams
1 educational kit about Chemistry
1 educational kit about Solar energy
2 boxes of 10 white chalks
2 boxes of 10 colored chalks
2 boxes of 24 coloured crayons
1 box of 36 coloured pencils
1 box of 5 coloured gouaches
2 brushes
1 magnetic white board with marker
1 box of plasticine (modelling clay)
2 cartridges of black ink for HP Officejet Pro 8610

Everything went a little over 115€, so I'll be putting about 15€ of my own pocket, together with rest of the available weight in clothes, DVDs, and other things I had from my infancy.


Thank you:


for their post's payout donations, and to people who directly donated:

@leodelara2 STEEM@mracalf0.5 SBD
@cicisaja0.196 SBD and 1 STEEM@aleister2 SBD
@warnas1 SBD@simplymike3 SBD
@tmarisco1 SBD@isabelpereira0.189 STEEM
@theironfelix2 STEEM@prc20 SBD

Please VOTE FOR WITNESS @prc who was the ONLY witness helping the fundraising! Otherwise we could have bought a lot more!


I also need to mention the huge help by @casberp and the #ptgram project, @helgapn for the institutional contacts, @duarte9sousa for offering a SP delegation to late contributors, and @tmarisco for mobilizing both portuguese and brazilian communities, as well as managing the Telegram chat and lots of other things! THANK YOU!

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Congratulations! Hope that everything done well there and the children of Sao Tome will smile to the world. Thank you @zpedro and @dailycharity and everyone who supported this program. Obrigado

Excellent initiative! Thanks for your kindness! I bet the children will be very happy! 😃


Thank you! I hope too!

Fantástico!!!! Esticou bem esticadinho :)))
Bem haja, meu caro!


Ainda foi preciso acrescentar algum e mesmo assim vontade não faltava de levar mais coisas!

Have fun! The smile on children's faces will make the holidays even more awesome!


They certainly will!


:) And don't forget to try mangustão!!!


Hahaha I will!

Parabéns pela iniciativa! Que isso tudo só aumente!


Muito obrigado!

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Poxa que legal que o povo está se unindo para fazer a caridade. Pena que eu nao soube antes, senao teria participado também!

ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

Parabéns @zpedro!

Por mais iniciativas como essa! Sempre que precisar visando essas causas, pode ter a certeza que pode contar comigo! Valeu!

Parabéns pela sua iniciativa, e por ter conseguido angariar os fundos! As crianças vão ficar bem felizes com seus investimentos!

ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

conheça meu projeto pessoal: #TrovadoresNordicos