Mohawka, the silver laced wyandotte

6개월 전

Hey y'all, meet Melissa's new favorite chicken: Mohawka.


She's a silver laced wyandotte chicken, a heritage breed named for the wyandotte Indian nation that helped the early colonists so much.


Mohawka is the darkest of our three SLWs. Her sisters are Sylvie, the lightest colored sister, and Lacey, the most patterned.


These are big ol chikkins, and the internet says they'll lay around four eggs a week. They lay well through winter, but have a slightly broody nature.

Usually a chicken will either lay a whole bunch of eggs for a short time or she'll lay a few eggs for a long time. These are going to be my marathon girls from the sound of it, and they'll be gorgeous birds to have around for a while! I haven't decided yet if I'll tolerate a rooster in my flock again. Of course, it could be up to God and human fallibility and Mohawka could turn out to be a boy... That'll make it easier to tolerate a rooster I think, but if it's up to me, I'm sticking with all girls for a while.

Off to bed! I've got amaranth to plant tomorrow with the full moon and warm soil after today's high temp of 80°F (27°C)! Anyone got some full moon planting plans?

All action for the good of all.


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It was 4C here in the last few days so not really gardening weather, especially with the slight drizzle. But I hope to be able to do a lot more grafting in the weekend!

No planting yet, far too cold, but I hope to clear a little more garden today, when it warms up. Supposed to be 60's....

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Ah! Such beautiful chicks! I see you've got your daily chicken happening again - good to see! I hope they give you plenty of eggs with the wonderful care you give them!

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