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From Texians for you…

Down here, in what is known as “The Great State of Texas”, there are a handful of folks who really have discovered some information that should be of interest to every red blooded American.

With April 15th approaching (known as tax day) I thought it would be best to bring you up to speed on these discoveries. (Yes, I know that tRump said they will give Americans more time this year with the current COVID-19 but rest assured, the IRS wants your money.)

Before we get to the meat & taters’ of the matter I would like to ask if you really know what a “form” is?

And a second question is; “do you know why the IRS requires you to file taxes on some variation of a form 1040?” You can stop scratching your head now; I’m going to tell you both answers.

So here is…

So, here is the definition of the word “form” as found in the Black’s law dictionary online edition. FORM : 1. A model or skeleton of an instrument to be used in a judicial proceeding,containing the principal necessary matters, the proper technical terms or phrases, andwhatever else is necessary to make it formally correct, arranged in proper and methodicalorder, and capable of being adapted to the circumstances of the specific case.2. As distinguished from “substance,” “form” means the legal or technical manner ororder to be observed in legal instruments or juridical proceedings, or In the constructionof legal documents or processes.The distinction between “form” and “substance” is often important in reference tothe validity or amendment of pleadings. If the matter of the plea is bad or insufficient,irrespective of the manner of setting it forth, thedefect is one of substance. If the matter of the plea is good and sufficient, but isinartificially or defectively pleaded, the defect is one of form. Pierson v. Insurance Co.,7 Houst. (Del.) 307, 31 Atl. 060.

You might want…

You might want to read that first portion of the definition again and think about what is written on the tax form where you have to sign the 1040 form. The part that says you are signing under penalties of perjury makes your 1040 form a “signed confession” for lack of better term.

How can you sign such a document when you don’t completely understand what is on that form?

Trust me; you don’t completely understand that form. No one who signs one does; including the paid tax professional who prepared it for you. Let’s face facts, you didn’t know the definition of the word “form” so how could possibly understand the form.

One other thing…

One other thing, (just to prove my point) you have to list “income” on the form. Nowhere in the tax code under title 26 of the US Code will you find the definition of the word “income”. There are others like “gross income”, interest income”, “taxable income,” and other variations of the word income defined but just the word “income” is not. Yet we fill in the forms and the section titled INCOME not really knowing what it is defined as.

Now for the answer…

Now for the answer of the second question; the 1040 form got its name for what the proceeds of the tax go to pay. What we pay as “income tax” is actually used to pay interest on bonds sold to finance the civil war back in the 1860’s.

That’s right folks; we are still paying interest on bonds sold by both the North and the South but the name 1040 is derived from the 10 year and 40 year bonds that President Lincoln authorized and sold.

You might also find it interesting that the day our taxes are due is normally April 15th, which just happens to be the same date which Lincoln died from a gunshot wound in 1865.

I don’t know about you but I have signed the last form 1040 I will ever sign and I did that back in April of 2018.


According to the IRS we are not legally required to file a tax return on April 15th. They (IRS) have actually sent letters to people who have gone on the “offense” against the IRS stating that fact. What we are doing when we send in those forms is what is known as “self assessing” our tax liability. The truth be known; it is the IRS commissioner’s duty to send you a notice and letter of deficiency.

So you've seen how the IRS can badger folks for payment but they seldom do what is required of them. That is where this group here in Texas has been winning when going up against the IRS in court. Rather than try to defend themselves the people have actually been filing law suits against the IRS commissioner and making the IRS defend itself.

The “offensive" strategy…

The “offensive “ strategy has been working because when pressed with a lawsuit in the US Tax Courts the IRS commissioner’s council has been asking the court to “dismiss for lack of jurisdiction”.

So the court has been granting the dismissals in the form of a court order. The people then get a certified copy of the court order from the court and whenever they get a visit from the local IRS agents they just show them the court order and tell them to guzbuck off. The same holds true for letters from the IRS: the people send the IRS a copy of the court order along with a note to guzbuck off.

These people are getting liens and levy’s removed as well with these court orders so this is a very powerful strategy that is working.

How do I…

“How do I learn more about this strategy?” well thanks for asking that question.

It’s a secret, and if I told you to go to YouTube and type in the search box “jurisdiction conference call”… well… then I would have let the secret out and I probably shouldn’t do that. Seeing how that would be a mistake on my part I won’t tell you to do that. Sorry.

I also won’t tell you that that there is a video on the Republic of Texas website which was a four hour webinar held recently about this subject titled “Want of Jurisdiction”. There is a $30 fee for access to the video of the webinar but it does give you the right to access it for a full year so you can watch it multiple times and have a chance for things to sink into your mind. Isn't it a good thing I know how to keep a secret?


I don’t want someone coming back to me saying, “I took your advice and now I’m in hot water.” You (yes YOU) need to read, study, watch and do your own research and then decide on your own what is right for you.

I have been studying this tax stuff for quite awhile and this really seems to be the only strategy that is working consistently; being on offense. The courts are there for our use too, not just the government’s use, and we may as well use them for our benefit.

In case you didn’t…

In case you didn’t know.... Texas was an independent nation at one time and …. it’s a long story … but just know that we Texians are fighting the good fight to restore the country to a constitutional republic.

Any and all support would be appreciated as we continue the fight.

Until next time,

Oh silly me… I forgot to mention who is getting all that interest on those 1040 bonds. The bankers of England bought the majority of the bonds sold to finance the civil war of the 1860’s in the US. So your tax money goes across the big pond to the Crown. Like good business folks, they bought bonds from both the North and the South so no matter which side won the war here… England would be in good shape with the victor.

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I always learn so much from your posts! I really appreciate this information.


You are very welcome Eric and I truly appreciate the re-steem. Not many people see what I write and that is really my own fault for not being a "promoter" of it.
The information is accurate and powerful... check out the YouTube vids and listen to the calls.


You're very welcome! I will check further into this, it's fascinating. In so many circumstances and aspects of life people just do as they're told without knowing their rights. I hope to see you over on the Hive platform after tomorrow! Take care my friend!


I am sure that I will find my way over there, you take care as well.


Thanks and see you on the other side! 😊

Ugggghhhh. I could have used a secret or two back in '79 when my tax problems started. In my case, specifically, they 'estimated' my income when they filed the lien. $376,xxx. For the record they were at least $300,000 high but I had no defense. None. Further, for the record, the lien was finally lifted in '94. It had expired.

There is a small group of Arizona nationalists that are seriously exploring the claim that the territory was unlawfully seized after being an 'independent territory' after the organization of the Territory of California (and soon to be statehood). Almost all of Arizona, some of New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Colorado were just left without 'belonging to' any nation. I actually live in the little bit of AZ that the feds have full claim to, the Gadsen Purchase. Bought the piece from Mexico AFTER the war with them was all settled out.

Excise tax. See your phone and power bill. Was enacted to fund the Spanish American war. But you only pay that tax if you use a phone or have power delivered...

Always fun and interesting when you get going on the 'Tax Codes' (as opposed to 'Tax Law).


Yes, it is a shame that you didn't have a couple of those secrets back in '79 but access to information was very limited then since there wasn't a thing called the "internet" invented yet.
People can learn a hell of lot reading the archives of the congressional records and such but most won't take the time to research those even though they are just a few clicks of the computer mouse away from them.
I enjoy learning but when you start exposing stuff like differences between "legal" and "lawful" or "codes" and "laws" most people think you are some sort of "nut job".
Which is proof that the government education system has done exactly what it was supposed to do in dumb-"ing" down the population.
On another subject, looks like the fork will be delivered 03/20/20. WooHoo,

Interesting stuff. The history of the 1040 is fascinating. I stopped filing in 2008 so i already stopped playing the servitude game. Thanks for the research


The "servitude game" where everyone is a loser who plays. So you quit 2008 paying in the US, it only took me 10 years after you to figure out.

The history is pretty interesting, ... and people think he got shot over slavery....

Thanks for dropping by and the great comment! Very much appreciated Butt.