A Dash of Sult N Papper 03/20/20 > IMPORTANT NOTICE: Clarification on Social Distancing Regulations

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For Immediate Release:

It is great to see that the blockchain community here is abiding by the government regulations that have been implemented damn near worldwide now with regard to "social distancing". However, I thought I might take this opportunity to clarify a couple of points that some may be confused on. With the lack of activity here on steemit I thought you might need to know the following:

• No matter what the rule your country or state has on gatherings of no more than 3 or 10 (or whatever the number) this rule applies to IN PERSON gatherings only

• While there are plenty of viruses spread thru computers no know cases of COVID-19 have been spread over the internet to date. ( But testing is ongoing and being monitored by the governments)

• Should you have any concerns about your computer or cell phone being a COVID-19 virus carrier throw it away or burn it and get a new one. (Just disinfecting the key board may not be enough to insure your safety or mine)

• Lastly, be aware that a worldwide spread of HIVE is due to be unleashed in just a matter of hours so be on the watch for that. If by chance you feel threatened by the airdrop of HIVE contact me and I’ll tell you how to dispose of it. (Send it to me).

This has been a public service announcement by Sult N Papper. You can now return to your normal quarantine routine.

Side note: This makes three days in a row I’ve published a post, if I don’t watch myself this could turn into a daily routine … maybe something like a “Daily Dose of Sultnpapper”.

Until next time,

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Well it's nice seeing you again mr Papper, I've been mostly absent the past few weeks but only because of some trying issues and then a relaxing week away;) It was actually good I was distracted otherwise I would have been really disturbed by all that's been happening here as I do enjoy the company!


Thanks for the reply. See you on HIVE.

So. I use Linux and while not immune to normal virus I'm at least able to delude myself into thinking I'm safe.

Hasn't stopped me from sterilizing everything. I can unplug my my keyboard and stuff, but have you ever tried to sterilize a dog? Talk about uncooperative. He just doesn't seem to be at all willing to take one for the team...

Daily dose seems to have a new meaning today but I'd be a volunteer to take my daily dose of salt AND pepper like a man.

In all seriousness you know I haven't had a drink in darn near 30 years and I'm going to buy a half gallon of Everclear today. Because everybody has bought all the damn isopropyl alcohol to use for sanitation. I had about a quart for use in my apocalypse stove but... I have hydrogen peroxide because it's the best thing I know for softening bug guts on a motorcycle windshield and chlorine bleach because even a bachelor needs some bleach. To clean the coffee pot if nothing else.

So. I may even publish a post today to celebrate Hive. Don't hold your breath but it's in the plan.


Please see my reply on HIVE , Thanks.


Nice seeing you @bigtom13! Hope to bump into you in the Hive!

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