A Dash of Sult n Papper 1/1/20> Not a “Daily Dose” just a “Dash” for now…

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It has been quite a while...

There was a time not that long ago that I couldn’t wait to sit down at the end of the day and put my thoughts into words and publish it to the Steem blockchain. Then life got in the way and as each day passed by the desire diminished.

Those of you who have read the daily dose in the past know that in October ’18 I was informed my job was ending at the end the year. Scary times for an old man like me but with the encouragement and love of family, friends and readers here I dealt with the situation and can now say what seemed like a crushing blow to me at the time turned out to be a true blessing. THANK YOU for your encouragement and prayers.

The last six months...

It has been six months or so since I checked in and a lot has been going on since then but I don’t want to get into the habit of just telling about my life. I will give a very brief update on it only because I know some of you will be wondering what happened with the….
• boycott is over…Blondie got her original paper back
• Mrs. Papper & I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in July
• patent application has been made
• more testing taking place now
• got a healthy pay increase and more territory at work
• the law suit settled as we have signed the settlement agreement
• drawings do keep me busy as I have taken on a second client to draw for

That is about as brief as I can make it and if you don’t know what some of those items are they are all well documented in previous daily doses.

I said earlier that the desire diminished; to the point that I damn near fear writing this one.

My goal with writing...

My goal with writing was to share information and to get people to think about things. In the past I think I did an adequate job of that for the most part. My time that I had for researching things in the past has been severely cut as far as reading goes with that time dedicated for doing drawings. I have found though that I can listen and draw at the same time so I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and videos. I keep a note pad handy and jot down things I hear that interest me and follow up with fact checking the statements.

The most important piece of information I can share is that damn near everything you have learned in life came from people you trusted. The problem is those people, despite their good intentions, may not have actually known what they hell they thought they knew.

The "law of the land"...

The” law of land” …. You’ve heard that term before but do you know what it means? Chances are you don’t … you may think you do. Even the so called “police, constables & sheriffs” don’t know the law of land. The law of the land in the United States of America is common law.

Common law is so simple to understand that we have been duped out of it and our elected officials (past & present) have replaced it with codes & statutes. Codes and statutes are nothing but instruments created by government to control man. Man can control himself just fine for the most part; he doesn’t need government officials making up rules of behavior as government officials sees fit and then fine the man when he breaks one of the government rules.

So what is....

So what is common law? The simple and easiest way to define it is this; do no harm to another man or woman and do no harm to their property. It can be explained other ways but that is it … harm nobody or their property. If you cause them harm you broke the law.

Basically speaking; right and wrong is common law. People know the difference between right and wrong. Every man and woman knows what is right and wrong for the society they live in. The problem with right and wrong is that since everyone knows the difference there is no need for lawyers in common law. How much money is made by lawyers defending people in court every week for breaking codes & statutes where no one was harmed? My guess is millions of legal tender or currency just in the USA each week.

Did you happen to....

Did you happen to notice I didn’t say “millions of dollars” at the end of that last paragraph?

My choice of wording in the question was “money” but my guess was “millions of legal tender or currency”. “The reason ?”, (well thank you for asking) to make a point is the reason. You see we have been duped again by our government regarding lawful money.

Chances are you haven’t even heard the term “lawful money” but if you do a little research you would find that only gold and silver coin issued by the United States of America is lawful money in the USA.

When was the last time you ever dealt with lawful money? Chances are if you were born after 1970 you never have unless you collect old coins. In the 1960’s you could every now and then get a silver quarter or dime as change when you purchased something but it was a rare occurrence. The death blow to lawful money actually occurred on June 5, 1933 at 4:40 PM. with the passage of HJR 192. Lawful money was replaced by “legal tender” with the passage of that House Joint Resolution.

Government is all about...

Government is all about the “word game” as I call it. They change a few words here and there and try to pass things off as being lawful but it isn’t. There is a difference between “lawful” and “legal” but we are ignorant because we believe the two words to be interchangeable. Do you know the difference between a “jury trial” and “trial by jury”?

By now if you haven’t gotten my point it won’t do any good to give more examples.

Today marks the start...

Today marks the start of a new year and new decade and it is my hope that you will forget what you have “learned “ through your years of education and take it upon yourself to learn the truth. I can tell you that being dragged into the legal system (courts) are not where a man or woman should be if there is a problem. If you are in “trouble” and asked to enter a plea of “guilty, not guilty, or no contest” you are not in a court of law.

Common law is still the law of the land here in the United States of America.

Blessings to each of you and happy New Year.

Until next time,

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So nice seeing you again Mr Papper, a very happy new year to you and your family!
Glad to hear that 2019 turned out well in the end after that scare with your old job; often when we're forced to make major changes we do surprise ourselves! Happy silver anniversary to you and Mrs Papper AND great to hear Blondie got her paper back!
Sure you saw that our @thesteemengine sadly no longer chugs along here on Steemit:(
The rest of your post is real serious stuff which is going to be food for thought for many I'm sure!

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So very grateful for your reply Lizelle, very happy new year to you and your family too.
Yes, I was aware of the demise of the Steemengine. Very good people I was able to interact with on here and wish all of them the very best. It wasn't a large group by any means but loaded full of talent...very proud that they allowed me in for sure.
How is the cook book coming? You didn't think I'd forget to ask did you?
The serious stuff is just me be me, trying to promote some thought. It can pretty much apply to any country in the world that has codes & statutes from what I have gathered but I can assure it is fact here in the USA.
Take care friend,


There's no one around to remind me of that cookbook but this has been such a hectic year with our Lily's Cottage thriving that I sometimes find there's not much time to get a post out on time! I'll have to retire fully to get to that cookbook but will make sure you get a copy of it;)
Take good care of yourself as well!

So glad you checked-in again! I've been wondering about you, visiting your page every so often in case I missed a post in my Feed. Happy to hear you are doing okay and thriving! 😊



So glad I did as well Tiffany. It has been a very long time since I last posted and things have gone exceptionally well this past year. I am going to try and get back here more often in the future. Sad that the Steemengine is bust, they were a great group of folks.

Wishing you a Happy 2020 and I’m thrilled to see you back here! I’m glad to hear the last part of 2019 treated you well. Steemit wasn’t quite the same without your voice.


Eric Happy 2020 as well my friend. I can't say I am back here but I do promise my absence until the next time I post won't be a full six months.

Do you still have the same email I reached you at before? About a week ago I sent you , via Starbucks, a little Christmas present and I think it may have gone to your spam or something because I never got a notification that you opened the email.
If you would take a look for it or send me your new email to sultnpapper@gmail.com and I have it resent to you.
My youngest boy did go to MN back last summer and he loved it, even won an ax throwing contest at the event he attended. My girls won't be as lucky as he was though, the event in 2022 they will be eligible to go is 30 miles down the road in Houston.
Take care,


Thank you! We had a very quiet one. We’re getting set for an early morning flight tomorrow to St Thomas. I have to defrost these bones for a while.

So many good people have left Steemit. It’s gotten pretty desolate lately but there are a few rumors swirling around that may just pep things up around here in 2020. 🙏🏼

I really appreciate the gift card! That was very kind of you. It did get caught in my spam folder. It makes me wonder what else I’ve overlooked! 😳 I’ll be using it tomorrow as we travel through the airports. What a nice surprise!

I’m glad your son had a good experience here. Too bad we couldn’t have connected. Ax throwing is getting very popular here and sound like an excellent way to blow off a little steam!

Thanks again my friend!


Glad you were able to locate it and you most welcome, enjoy the coffee. Have a safe & relaxing trip in the tropical weather.


I really appreciate it. They actually have decent food on the go too. We're in the lounge in Atlanta now and take off on our final leg in about thirty minutes. I'll be posting slideshows of sun and sand soon. Take care my friend!

My goal with writing was to share information and to get people to think about things.


I don't know why I always get a small ripple of excitement when I see others commenting on such inalienable truths as the ones I have at my very core. Especially when it comes to ever increasing government size and statutes that encroach evermore and more in to the lives of ordinary peaceful, LAW abiding folks.

I know that you know this but...

Ya nailed it!

We all know what is right and wrong, what we should and shouldn't do. When I was a boy it was pretty much summed up by "the golden rule"

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you..."

I personally always felt that didn't need 7 chapters of 57 paragraphs and 300 sub sections and a million pointless and erroneous statutes. Proponents of common law in the UK are known as 'freemen of the land' they are ridiculed, vilified and mocked due to their out of the box thinking, the irony is that the people doing so are trapped in the frikkin' box!

Sorry to keep quoting you but I'm about to do it again, I don't type so fast and it helps lol.

Forget what you have “learned “ through your years of education and take it upon yourself to learn the truth.

I keep a note pad handy and jot down things I hear that interest me and follow up with fact checking the statements.

The most important piece of information I can share is that damn near everything you have learned in life came from people you trusted. The problem is those people, despite their good intentions, may not have actually known what they hell they thought they knew.

If the mindset and common sense behind those 3 simple statements could only be understood by the many, wow how the tables would turn!

Sorry to go on for so long but occasionally something resonates and I simply have to respond fully. Take great care of you and yours, ((I am fairly certain you realize that is not the job of the state, right)) best wishes from me and mine :)


Thanks for the great reply. I do realize , best wishes to you as well.

Howdy sir sultnpapper! What a marvelous update post and a great post to make us realize how much we miss you and need you. lol. This is GREAT stuff here, super well done and I hope you can find the time to educate us more because we've become so ignorant of the truth!


Thanks Janton. I am going to try and get a little more active on here in the not to distant future. I appreciate the compliments very much.


Howdy today sir sultnpapper! I hope your schedule allows you to do that this year!

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