A Dash of Sult n Papper 1/26/20> How the world must see us…Democrats… Republicans… or Dumb Ass Americans?

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Right about now...

Right about now I am wondering just what the people in other parts of the world think of the people of the United States of America; so if you happen to read this and you are not a US citizen please help me out with a comment and let me know. I myself have to think the third choice (dumb ass Americans) is going to be the winner.

We are three years...

We are three years into the first term of president tRump’s presidency and we are in the middle of a trial to try to convict him and remove him from office. Please forget that the country is doing better right now then it has in a very long time and tRump is fixing a whole boat load of problems he was handed when he took office by the former president. Yes, we should just look at the crime he is charged with and the evidence of the crime.

The only problem...

The only problem with that scenario is he hasn’t been charged with a crime; yet he is at trial. Any of you know where I can find the code or statute that lists “obstruction of Congress” as a crime? Please let me know because I would like to read it for myself. Wouldn’t a presidential veto be considered an “obstruction of Congress”? How many presidents before him vetoed something congress had passed and weren’t charged?

The constitution allows...

The constitution allows for the impeachment of the president for “high crimes and misdemeanors”. I think it is high time we demand all members of congress to be drug tested. Surely they had to be “high” on something to go down this road of impeachment. tRump’s only “crime” was he stole the election from Hillary Clinton with the help of the Russians. Our elite folks at the CIA , FBI , DOJ, DOD all investigated it and found it to be true.(not).

If the damn...

If the damn democrats would just have taken the time to read some issues of the “Daily Dose of Sultnpapper” when I was writing everyday they would have had plenty to convict tRump on and vice president Pence would have been sworn in already. I didn’t have the goods on tRump for what I would consider a “high crime” but I could sure make a damn good case for the misdemeanors; and there have been several of those.

The flag of...

The flag of the United States and how it is to be displayed is regulated by United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10. tRump has on more than two separate instances ordered the flag to be flown at half staff in direct violation of the code. ( Just who in the hell does he think he is? Fidel tRumpo?) You can read about those violations by clicking the links to the Daily Doses’ where I exposed this “misdemeanor”.


Blatant disregard for...

Blatant disregard for the US Code of Federal Regulations by a sitting president has surely got to be grounds for impeachment wouldn’t it? I mean it is written “law” and I have the official transcript of his proclamation demanding federal employees to break the law. Can you say “dictator”?

But are we...

But are we “dumb ass Americans? We are … and getting dumber by the day, week, year and generation. How many of you know that there are actually two flags of the United States of America? “Say what?”, you ask.

Two flags. A war time flag and a peace time flag. “Old Glory” as we call it, and fly everyday in the USA, is the war time flag. We can’t fly the peace time flag because we have never ended the civil war.

I won't even...

I won’t even start explaining the “gold fringe” that you see around the flag in court rooms and other government buildings. Look into that on your own if you don’t know what it stands for. When you “get it” I think you will understand how ignorant we are of the truth; which could just as easily be expressed as “dumb ass Americans”.

For the record...

For the record the United States of America was formed as a republic. Why do we always hear the news folk talking about our democracy; is it because we are dumb ass Americans’? Well I guarantee that the majority of Americans didn’t know about the two flags or that the gold fringed flag is designated as the US Army’s flag.

I think tRump is doing better as a president than anyone could have imagined, me included, and I did vote for him twice. Once in the primary and once in the general election, I had to clarify the” twice” or people might have thought I was in with the Russians on getting him elected.

Ya’ll have a great day, and wish Mrs. Papper a “Happy Birthday” as it is her birthday.
Happy Birthday Honey.

Until next time,

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Everyone I've encountered hasn't spoken the most positive words... I most often hear "circus" and "wt?" and "sad, to think the USA used to lead the world" accompanied by much head shaking.


I could see that happening for sure, I do a lot of head shaking myself and asking WTF is going on with the people of our country to allow all this crap we have going on with our country. It is "our country" and we need to start acting like owners rather than involuntary servants of the people in DC.
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, very much appreciated Kitten.


There's so much head shaking I'm sure we'll see a massive increase in concussion stats!

A belated happy birthday to you Mrs. Papper! I agree with your assessments here. In the past few years of traveling around the world and getting out of this bubble we live in I've realized that a lot of people in other countries feel sorry for us. Not that anywhere else is 100% perfect, far from it, but quality of life in general is much higher elsewhere.

A belated happy birthday to Mrs Papper, I'm sure you would have made it a good celebration:)


I'll pass those wishes on to her Lizelle. She had a good birthday and we celebrated it her favorite restaurant so she didn't even have to wash the dishes.

Well, there are several things I could comment on in this, but I'll try to keep it down to a dull roar.

First and foremost: Happy Birthday Mrs. P.

So. I don't like Trump, not anything about him. But I have to admit that he's done many of the things he promised he'd do on the campaign. Long as it doesn't make any difference to you that Guantanamo is still going strong and we are now in the 19th year of the war in Afghanistan. I'm just going to leave that right there instead of my normal long term rant that should go here :)

Obstruction of Congress is some how related to Obstruction of Justice (cough. Clinton's charge). Simply because the people of Congress think they are way more important than they really are. "How dare you obstruct or impede me in any way shape or form?"

I think the Dems did a really shitty job of bringing charges to begin with. If Trump hadn't obstructed Congress (failed to respond to subpoena) I'm guessing 'high crimes and misdemeanors' would have been quite easy to prove.

I do not, under any circumstance believe that a sitting president is above the law. That alone is enough in my book...

Well, my friend. I'm really glad to see you here. I've missed you.
Hell, I've missed me :)


Bigtom so great to hear from you and I agree no sitting president or any person for that matter is above the law of the land. While I voted for him it wasn't because I liked him for the job, I couldn't pull the lever for " lying Ted" in the primary or Clinton in general election.
I wouldn't have an ounce of problem with congress impeaching and convicting him for a legitimate "crime" but this crap we have going on is a guzbucking joke in my opinion.
Bust him on the flag and I would be good with that. Thanks for keeping it at a dull roar too.

Definitely dumb as americans! LoL..

I think it is high time we demand all members of congress to be drug tested. Surely they had to be “high” on something to go down this road of impeachment.

Dont blame their stupidity on drugs! Im high all the time and would never act so stupid! 😂🤣😂

They should all be charged with treason for ruining america and the constitution with the charade..

Its great to see a daily dose, its been a while.. It was a good one tho 😉 Glad to see you back on steemit.. I hope Mrs. Papper has a wonderful birthday.. 🎂


Thanks Hippie and I will pass those birthday wishes on to the Mrs. What a guzbucking charade it is they are pulling over on the people here. Their pieces of paper they burden us with know as "acts" should be re-named as "charades of congress".

I can't read your post right now..but it made me damn happy to see your tag on my feed!

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Ohhh...from the title...I'll say dumbass Americans...but it's not like there is a choice..😎

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Glad you caught a glimpse of it, give it read when you get a chance. Thanks.

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