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Last Saturday was...

Last Saturday was a big day in the Papper family and since I wasn’t on here I wasn’t able to share it with ya’ll; I will now.

January 26th was Mrs. Pappers 50th birthday but because of all the things we have had going on I just wasn’t able to get that communicated out to you. Plus she probably doesn’t even want me to mention it; women have a “thing” about age for the most part and adding years just doesn’t seem to go over well with them once they hit 29 or 39 and even 49. But anyway we did celebrate her birthday with a nice meal at the local favorite home style restaurant not far from the home place.

She loves her...

She loves her veggies and that place has all of her favorites so it was a no brainer on where we were going to take her. That place has gotten pretty popular and that evening we ended up waiting for damn near an hour in order to get a table for seven. The oldest boy had to work and he got there just after we were seated. He did well though; he stopped and picked up a vase of cut red tulip flowers to dress up the table.

It was fun...

It was fun just sitting and reminiscing about life and how things have changed in the last 24 years we have been married. The area has grown and the addition of kids has changed things immensely. Those flowers that T-Bone picked up also told the story of just how long we had to wait to get our food after we ordered. Most of the flowers weren't fully opened yet from their blooms but by the time we got the food plenty of them had opened fully. It took us longer to get our food then it did to get the table once we ordered. The flowers were damn near in full bloom by the time we finished the meal and she opened her cards and gifts.

The Mrs wasn't...

The Mrs. wasn’t feeling that great on Saturday and it was in question on whether or not we would even be able to take her to dinner. She got a good nap in the afternoon though and woke up feeling up to it. I told her that naps can work wonders for old people, I don’t know that from experience, but I have had several people tell that so I passed that on to her. She wasn’t amused but she did say that if she hadn’t of had that nap we wouldn’t have been going out to dinner so there may be some truth to the nap thing.

Friday marked my...

Friday marked my official first day of work and it was a busy day. It felt really good too. The owners had sent out an email on Thursday announcing me coming on board with the firm and I had over thirty emails that I responded to on Friday from manufacturer folks we represent welcoming me to the company. Plus there were a couple webinars that I had to join in on to get the latest on product updates that took an hour for each one.

My oldest boy...

My oldest boy turns 21 on the 6th of this month so that is another big day for the family; damn kids grow up really fast. He just came home from work and headed out to meet up with his band. I have to give this kid some credit and I don’t do that often enough. He started working at the local hardware store when he turned 15 and the owner at the time he started there was a man I had known for thirty years.

Bob showed the boy everything there was to know about running that hardware store in three short years while he worked there part time. When T-Bone graduated high school Bob put him on full time and started turning over the day to operation of the store. Bob had a plan in mind to sell the store and retire and he wanted to be able to have someone capable of running the store if the new owners didn’t care to be hands on in the day to operations.

Bob sold the...

Bob sold the store in December of 2017 and the new owners took Bob’s advice and kept our son as the manager of the store. He has a full year now under his belt as manager and grew the business in both revenue and profitability in his first year. He also has a couple guys working for him that are musicians and they have a small band. Two guitar players and a drummer I guess constitute a band.

Anyway, he also...

Anyway, he also now manages their band for them and has been booking them some “gigs” at some local night spots. He came home pumped up last night after being at a concert at a Houston bar were some old heavy metal rocker was playing. The old rocker said that he knew there had to be some good guitar players in the crowd and wanted one to come up and play with alongside him. The boy wasted no time getting his main guitar player up there and he evidently rocked the house and this old rocker told them that he has a future. After the show the booking manager for the bar talked with our son and his band of three and said that they need a good base player and when they have that spot filled to let him know he wants them playing there before this fall.

Any guesses on...

Any guesses on who left just now to get his first lessons on the base guitar? Yep, T-Bone as he is known is going to learn the base guitar while they search for a real player in the mean time. He already knows how to play the drums but those guys already have a drummer and he likes being the “manager” of the band.

I can tell you that the boy can sing and I don’t mean just scream loudly to music playing in the background like a lot of what is called singing now days. He has a voice and had he wanted to he could have gotten some scholarships to sing and put him through college.

For customer entertainment...

For customer entertainment at the hardware store he will just break into song singing some Italian opera songs just to see people’s reactions. The old owner, Bob, couldn’t believe his ears the first time he heard him sing. Bob called me that day and said, “Your boy has an amazing voice.” I guess they had been talking about singing or something and T-Bone told the guys there that he could sing and they said “sure you can” so he walked away and went down an isle to put up some stock and then just started belting out an opera song. Bob said he thought T-Bone had turned on some audio player and was pulling a prank on him until he walked back there and actually saw him singing.

One thing T-Bone...

One thing T-bone has a problem with is taking “no” for an answer so he will make a good manager for that little band. He will find a way to keep these guys motivated and he will promote the hell of them to anyone who will listen and even those who won’t. He will find a way to make them listen, he just refuses to take “no” for an answer when it comes to getting things done that he has an interest in.

So put this band name in the back of your memory somewhere because chances are you will hear about them at some point in the future; Melodic Memories.

Until next time,

Note: Thanks for reading the Daily Dose of Sultnpapper. Yes, I fell asleep before I could post this.

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Happy 50th birthday to Mrs Papper! Old people hmph...you were lucky Mrs Papper woke up on the right side of the bed, 50 is still young in my mind!
Your son sounds like a lovely young man, he must use that voice of his & not just manage!
We saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody this week, it was absolutely wonderful! T-Bone should try to see it as well, would be such inspiration for any musician, highly recommended!


I will pass those birthday wishes on Lizelle thank you. It is still young in my mind too but I like to jab a little every now and then and any number with a zero at the end once a person gets past twenty seems to be that they are getting old.
T-Bone is a piece of work for sure and he should use his singing voice more often but I think he is a little shy when it comes to singing for a crowd when he is on his own. Singing with a choir is totally different than solo singing but he could do it if he wants too. I think they call it stage fright but hanging with his band he just might overcome that. The chic's aren't that interested in the band manager unless they make it big and want free tickets to a concert.
I will pass that movie suggestion on to him, thanks again.


Who knows what the future holds for him, he will likely surprise everyone!

Well. Happy Belated Birthday to Mrs. Papper. I wouldn't have been so late with those wishes except I didn't know. Or maybe I would have. The best ex Mrs. BT and my Grandmother had birthdays 2 days apart and I screwed them up year after year. The really good news? Syd's BD was 2 days AFTER Grandma so I was always early rather than late where it really had an impact on me. Syd: "Thanks for the flowers, I'll save the package until Wednesday when the girls are here, and call your Grandmother pronto."

I love the story of your T=Bone. Pretty good name for a musician, matter of fact. Pretty impressive with the management of the store, but seriously impressive with the voice. If he can play the drums and sing he'll pick bass up pretty fast. A simple bass line for a song is easy. Really good bass players improvise on the line, but straight and simple will work fine til they find their guy.

Melodic Memories. Sounds like a little local band I used to listen to quite a bit back in Spokane. They were young too. Boys to Men.


I will pass those birthday wishes on to the Mrs. when she gets back home. Birthdays close together can cause confusion for sure. My mother and my sister's husband were a day apart and I got them messed up all the time when Mom was alive.
I do have one day that is easy to remember for birthdays and that is August 8th, it is a trifecta day as my brother, aunt and my oldest brother's wife all have a birthday that day.
T-Bone got his nickname playing baseball when he was nine. His coach at the time gave it to him and it stuck ever since. When ever he would get injured he would just get up and dust himself off and go back to playing. His coach told the umpire after a collision at home plate when he was playing catcher that this kid is "tougher than an old T-Bone steak" .
Didn't realize Boys to Men came out of the Spokane area but I am not a music guy unless it is George or Willy and of course Lyle.

Happy Belated to the Mrs....glad she was feeling well enough to go to dinner! (And kudos to your son bring flowers, you've taught him well) You have to be so proud of your kids! The work so hard, just as you do. Making store manager in one year and the owners keeping him...wow! There is a lot going on in your house between your new job and the kids activities. I don't know how you keep track of everything @sultnpapper. Best wishes on the new job :)

Well, a late happy birthday to Mrs. And to T-Bone. Looks like your weeks are pretty busy. For some strange reason I was under the impression that you and Mrs. were way older. That's probably because I don't visit your page too often, my bad!


You were under the right impression as far as I am concerned, the Mrs. is a lot younger in years than myself. Some might accuse me of robbing the cradle when I married her but I swear I didn't use a gun.
I will pass those birthday wishes on to the both of them.

A Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs Papper and Happy 21st to your Oldest Boy

Fabulous story about your son! Sounds like he has his head on straight, and will definitely keep my eyes open for his band! 😃


He is a good kid and I just pray that he doesn't do anything really stupid with alcohol after he turns 21 or that he gets into anything else that could cause him life long problems with the law or worse.
Like my wife and I were saying the other night, if her cousin could make it in the music business it is pretty much proof that anyone can. He had everything going against him but he never gave up on himself or his dream and it paid off very well for him. If the guys in his band really truly want it they can do it, but only they will determine whether or not they make it in music.

Happy Birthday to Mrs Papper! Not only is it belated – I'm playing catch-up with the Daily Dose, as the last few days have gone by in a blur. On Friday my sister was singing with a swing band for charity, on Saturday I had to do a small ceiling repair in the flat I rent out, and was crazily trying to sort out a crisis concerning a walk for my Meetup group; on Sunday I went on the walk, which was fantastic, but while driving back home, I started to feel so tired that I pulled into a layby. I was intending to eat an energy bar that I had in my backpack in the boot, but before I even opened the door, I fell into a deep sleep which lasted about 10 minutes. I woke up feeling very refreshed and drove home.
So I'm a great believer in the power of naps - although I don't take them very often. And I don't think they're just for "old" people, though I think you were just saying that to wind up Mrs P. I've been occasionally taking "power naps", especially in response to driver's fatigue, since I was in my 20s.
It's great to have musicians in the family, and T-Bone clearly has organisational/managerial talent too.


The Mrs. seldom reads the Daily Dose but she asks each day what was in it, but you were right, I was trying to crank her up.
I might have to try some naps but I will give a try on the weekends since I would be afraid I would end up being asleep for hours.
T-Bone is pretty good but he is still young and his tests are ahead of him.

Howdy sir sultnpapper! this post was all good news from start to finish! lol. Things are going well!