Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 02/03/19> Good idea… but pressed for time.

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I like surprises...

I like surprises but mainly when I am delivering them rather than receiving them. So Saturday afternoon it hit me that I really needed to something special for the oldest boy’s 21st birthday which is quickly approaching. Seeing that his birthday is in the middle of the week and we both will be working it would make it kind of difficult to do some type of road trip to take him where it is legal to gamble.

So we will...

So we will do the normal family dinner that we do for birthdays and he will be able to order a beer or mixed drink with his dinner but as far as something really meaningful or really a surprise I was drawing blanks on what I could do to make it really special. Then it hit me, with the help of Mrs. Papper, that we should create him some business cards for his position of business manager for his “job” he is doing with the band I told you about in yesterday’s Daily Dose.

So after the...

So after the poker game yesterday afternoon, which I finished second in, I took to the internet to create him some business cards and get them printed and delivered in time for his birthday on Wednesday. Thanks to the good folks at Vistaprint and their express shipping option I should have them in time to wrap and give to him at dinner on Wednesday evening.

I wanted this...

I wanted this to be something special and so I even went as far as setting him up a special email account just for this segment of his life and had it printed on his new business cards as well. I think that email addresses should be easy to remember or if not easy to remember at least be meaningful to the situation. With that thought I had to come up with an email account that could convey that thought and I believe I did it. T-Bone now has an email account for his position of business manager for the band. That email address is melodicmemoriesmgr@musician.org so if you want to wish him a happy 21st birthday and wish him and his band well feel free to drop him a line at that email address.

Please don't spam...

Please don’t spam the hell out of him, if this band ends up making big someday like the Beatles, you just might want some tickets to a concert and he could probably hook you up. Go ahead and send him an email today but he won’t see it until Wednesday night at the earliest. I would hope he would reply back to you in a timely fashion, in fact, if you do email him and wish him well and don’t hear back from him by the end of the week let me know. This will be a good test for him and teaching opportunity for me. He has no idea what you do for a living or what your connections are and he needs to learn that opportunities come about in the least likely ways.

Being the cheap bastard...

Being the cheap bastard I am I think I did pretty good for a last minute idea and execution and was able to do it all for less than a hundred bucks and that includes the express shipping, “premium” card stock, leather business card holder and the business card printed on both sides. The backside of the card has information needed for booking the band. I started to even create a logo for the band but the computer I had that software on years ago ended up being stolen and I never replaced that software. I tried a couple of the sites on the internet where you can create your own logo for free but got frustrated pretty quickly and besides I probably wouldn’t have come up with something he and the band would have liked anyway and time wasn’t on my side.

How many of you...

How many of you are familiar with mail.com? I wasn’t until I went searching for an email account for him that would seem to fit the situation. Like I said, I’m cheap, so I wanted a free email account and mail.com is free. What I liked best about the site though is that they have over 200 different extensions to choose from to make your email address more meaningful like the musician.org extension I selected for his email address. I think in the not too distant future I will venture back over there and see about getting myself an email over there with an extension that seems to fit me better than “gmail.com”.

Today I have...

Today I have an appointment with the folks over at the Steem Poker League at 1:00 PM Texas time. That appointment is the Team Up poker tournament. Having not played much in the last month or so the poker tournament yesterday was needed to help get my poker skills polished up. Finishing second yesterday pretty much took the tarnish off and when I looked at the stats from the game it looked pretty good. There were a total of 95 hands dealt in the tourney of which I played 29 of them after the flop of the community cards. Those hands I played I won 27 of the 29, not too shabby I’d say so I look forward to today.

Ya’ll have a great Sunday and for those of you who are regulars here; yes. Blondie and I are still boycotting.

Until next time,

Note: Thanks for reading the Daily Dose of Sultnpapper.

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That sounds like a terrific Birthday Present. Unexpected and personal. The very best kind.

That's some serious knocking on the Poker Tourney. Played almost a third and won 95%? I'm really surprised you were second. Wow.

Course, if you get on a streak like that and nobody will bet against you. Probably cut your winnings down some.

I think I'll go over and send Mr. Bone a birthday greeting. You can tell him that I'm old and a smart ass so don't think too much about what ever it is that I say...

I figure your boycott is finished for the week. Sam and I didn't boycott the walk, real nice out there after a little rain last night...


I was running into a time crunch yesterday towards the end of the tournament and it was coming up on a five minute break so I pushed all in after the flop on the hand with K 3 , the flop was A K 7 or something like that and he had an A so even though I lost the hand I still had 80 chips left and the next 4 hands in a row I won being all in each time, I didn't have enough to cover the blinds. I didn't realize that over at that site if everyone at the table agrees you can cut the break short by clicking a box to resume early, which we did. So it took all of a minute and a half or so to lose after that big all in move I had lost on.
Luckily I was only a couple of minutes late picking the girls up from scouts and they never actually knew it since their meeting ran over by ten minutes too.
I would appreciate you sending him a note and I am sure he will as well.
We didn't watch Joel this morning I had to take advantage of the break in the rain showers and burn the trash and empty out my truck from Thursday when I picked up tons of new sample product and literature while I was over in San Antonio getting up to speed with my new employers.
The poker game for today got postponed until next week so I would have had time to do it this afternoon had I known, but of course I wouldn't know if the weather would cooperate so it was best to get it out of the way while I could.
Glad you and Sam got your walk in, the rain makes it a lot easier to see what is new out there for sure. It is almost like you two are Indian scouts checking the trails for intruders to the camp.

That sounds like a really thoughtful birthday surprise!
I bet he loves it. :)
mail.com sounds familiar... I bet I have used it in the past. I think I made an email with them long long ago...


I hope he does, I got a confirmation email that the order has already shipped so that is pretty impressive work by Vistaprint to get orders processed and shipped that fast. I assume that it won't leave the building until Monday as most manufacturers call things shipped when the shipping label is applied to the package but it is good service for sure.

What a unique and fabulous idea for a birthday present! I bet he will be thrilled! 😃

If I may offer a suggestion, though...
Search engines do, indeed, index our pages on the Steem blockchain and add them to their 'search results.' Also, advertisers have programs called "spiders" that search the Web for email addresses which they can add to their spam-mail databases for contacting unwary folk. I would advise doing one of the following: either (1) deleting the email-address from this post after a couple of days, or (2) making it look less like an email-link, such as: melodicmemoriesmgr (at) musician (dot) org

That might keep him from getting on a spam-mail list!


Thanks Tiffany, I planned on doing exactly that. In fact I plan on editing it out completely on Wednesday so that he couldn't see the request if he decided to come look. Besides, most of my readers who will take the time to it will have already done it by then. Thanks for looking out for me on things like this. I do appreciate it very much and I am glad you liked the gift idea.

I think you did really well I am sure thats a gift he will love

and don't worry I will not spam his new account


Thanks Jay. He will feel like a big shot with cards for the band is my guess. The fact that he turns 21 means he will probably hand out 85% or more of them to girls in bars then he will for band purposes but that is why I ordered him 500 of them, so he would have some extras for personal use.


Good thinking doing 500 cards as I sure your are right we may we’ll have given them away to girls at that age lol 😂

What a great gift for your son, I will certainly send him well wishes on his special day and wish him well with his band as well...and encourage him to see Bohemian Rhapsody...such an inspiring movie especially for a start-up band. Look forward to hearing his reaction to his gift!

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What a lovely present for T-Bone! So thoughtful. "musician.org" is a great extension. I'm fed up with gmail, so I might take a look at mail.com.


I thought it was a fitting choice. I plan on going back there and looking for one myself.

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Howdy sir sultnpapper! Another great post full of good news! that was a brilliant idea about the business cards too!