Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 02/04/19> Getting back in the groove… or whatever you want to call it.

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I am starting...

I am starting to feel back at home here after being absent for quite a period of time. Call it what you want; groove, routine, habit or whatever; it feels good to be writing again and sharing my thoughts and discoveries with the readers of the Daily Dose.

First let me...

First let me give a big thank you and shout out to @bluemist who was kind enough to delegate $10K in Steem Power to #powerhousecreatives (formerly known as steemitbloggers) for a period of six months. Bravo @bluemist, bravo.

The #powerhousecreatives group was in a real dogfight this last week in a competition to win $10K in steem power for a year as were several other steemit communities. Being outmanned didn’t stop the #powerhousecreatives group from fighting until the end. We didn’t win that competition but we did get the attention of @bluemist who recognized that while we are a group of about 100 we gathered over 700 votes in the competition. It wasn’t like we could pad the vote since each account on steemit was limited to one vote.

The #powerhousecreatives group members worked tirelessly day and night recruiting votes and the efforts paid off in the end thanks to @bluemist who recognized what this small group was able to accomplish. So for the next six months #powerhousecreatives has the use of $10K in steem power thanks to the generosity of @bluemist. My sincere thanks’ to @bluemist for the delegation.

I would also like to congratulate the group @votovzla that did win the competition, well done on their part. That competition was sponsored by @theycallmedan so hats off to him as well for being generous and sparking some healthy competition among the communities here on steemit.

So with that...

So with that out of the way let me get on down to what I like to do best; that would be sharing knowledge and truth with you folks. While I haven’t had a lot of time to write I have had some time to read and so I have a couple things to share today.

I won’t go into full details today but I want to just set the table for a few things I plan on discussing in more detail in some future Daily Doses. Sort of give you a chance to kick around in your mind where I am heading and also give you a chance to explore them on your own if you are inclined to do so before I get to them in full detail.

How many of you...

How many of you are aware that there are two federal governments here in the good old USA? I don’t see many hands going up, so I am going to take that as not many are aware. Well there are two of them and that is what has caused the real problems with this country. For those of you who are thinking “deep state” as the news media talks about, that is not one of them. They might very well be a third one; but for this little exercise I will concentrate on just the two that I know for sure absolutely do exist.

Back when this...

Back when this country was founded it was founded with a republican form of government along with a constitution that was set up to insure that our God given rights were to be protected. Ever since that day the Declaration of Independence was signed it has been downhill here in the United States of America on trying to keep that form of government. In fact, it still exists but it has been very weak since the civil war and in a full coma since 1938.

One thing I can...

One thing I can say with near absolute certainty is that there is neither a man nor woman in the congress or senate that is honest with the people of the United States of America and there hasn’t been for quite some time. If they were honest they would be telling you that the country as it was founded no longer exists but they decided long ago to keep that a secret. They even went as far as to make sure that the people were provided with an education provided by the government to make sure that it would never be taught in schools what has taken place.

Just to be clear...

Just to be clear on that education part; are you aware that reading and writing in cursive is no longer taught in schools?

Most people will say that is “no big deal” since everything is done on computers now. But what about all the founding documents this country was founded with; in another fifty years or so there won’t be but a handful of people who will be able to read them.

Sure there are copies that have been transcribed to type written print but all that needs to be done is change a word or two here or there and “poof “ the whole meaning of something can be changed. It has already happened in some instances; is it the constitution “of” the United States of America or is it the constitution “for” the United States of America? If you look back you will find it both ways, changing that one word has made a big difference but I will get into that another day.

How many of ...

How many of you are aware that our federal government now operates as a corporation? All the state, county, and municipalities do as well; all corporations. I might also mention that they are not only corporations but foreign corporations to boot. If you think I am joking or fooling around you might want to start doing some reading of your own on this subject.

That is where...

That is where 1938 comes into play so heavily in this situation. Corporations can’t do business with people; remember the preamble to the constitution? “We the people…”? The government was in a real pickle or as some would say “between a rock and hard place.” They had the bankers breathing down their necks; and since the banks had already taken over all the money in 1933 you would think the bankers would be happy but that didn’t satisfy the bankers. Talk about wanting to squeeze blood out of a turnip; the bankers were squeezing with both hands.

We were people...

We were “people” and that was a big problem so the push was made to eliminate all the “people” and replace them with a government fictional entity known as “citizens”. Citizens are corporations and that there is what allows the government to do business with you.

We went from having one class of people that were slaves (black people) to having all the people being slaves to the government in the form of citizens. I am getting a little side tracked so I will need to get back to 1938.

So what exactly...

So what exactly happened in 1938 is what you are probably asking yourself, or would be asking me if we were at the kitchen table talking, so I will go ahead and fill you in on that right now.

There were some things in the founding documents of the United States of America that just can’t be circumvented and one of these is that foreign corporations must register their status to do business on the land here in the United States of America. Not only do the corporations have to register but their agents have to register as well. Any person elected to office in a public election is being elected to serve in one of these foreign corporations and thus has to register their status as a foreign official. This also goes for people appointed to positions in government; they all need to register as foreign officials.

Have you ever...

Have you ever heard the term “constitutional terrorist”? It is an up and coming term that I have heard on the news sporadically but admittedly I don’t listen to main stream media news very often so it maybe being used more than I think. Anyway, (I would probably fall under that labeling if the news media had any idea of who I am) but just who is the real constitutional terrorists?
It surely can’t be the people who believe in the constitution and want the government to operate within the confines of the constitution can it?

I’ll answer that for you so we can move on; “Hell no.”

So, who does that leave as constitutional terrorists? That would leave the folks who have been elected and then took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and who then promptly turned their back on us and the constitution to go to work for that foreign corporation known as the US Government. These are the same folks who have tricked us into declaring ourselves as US citizens. These are the true constitutional terrorists and that includes every senator and congressman that just took their oath of office last month.

You can also...

You can also throw that bunch of so called journalists in that bunch of constitutional terrorists as well; they have covered up this situation for damn near 100 years or more. I remember reading somewhere where the bankers, in a closed door meeting, thanked the press for not exposing that they were trying to take over the monetary system of the United States of America after they got the Federal Reserve Bank system implemented. They told the press that they couldn’t have been able to do it had the press not kept it a secret from the people.

I don't know...

I don’t know about you but I am pretty well fed up with being lied to and cheated on by folks who we think we can trust. I read the other day that congress rates lower when it comes to being trustworthy than used car salesmen.

I have always maintained that you can take the most honest person you know and send them to Washington, DC and in a matter of six months at the maximum they will be a crook and I stand by that statement.

The fact is that once they take that oath of office, they relinquish their status as an American because they accept a position in a foreign government. Do you think they knew that going into the election?

Not a snowballs chance in hell is the answer to that question. But they also know that money and power come with that elected position so you won’t ever see any of them get back on a plane and head right home after they have taken that oath of office; they’ll sign that foreign agent registration and keep their mouth shut because that is what they are told to do.

This Daily Dose...

This Daily Dose is beginning to get a little lengthy and I have filled the plate pretty full thus far so I am going to call it quits for today. I wanted to get into how that foreign corporation situation affects law and justice in this country but that is going to have to come in the near future editions of the Daily Dose. I know your time is valuable and I have taken more than my share today. Thanks.

Until next time,

Note: Thanks for reading the Daily Dose of Sultnpapper. Please check out this post by a very good friend of mine @thekittygirl regarding the $10K competition https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@thekittygirl/missed-it-by-61-votes

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I'm looking forward to developing of this let's call it series. I am not that familiar with American government even though I learned the basics at school so it will be interesting to see your opinions on this and I'm sure that there will be some heated discussion in the comment section.

In general I think that whoever enters the politics will not be the same person in a few months. You have to adjust to survive and if you don't you have to leave. But who would want to leave knowing that there is so much money to get? You would have to be of a very strong character! :)

Thank you for sharing!


I really agree with your comment. I think that if you enter politics with great principles and you actually stick to them, you probably don't go very far.

Howdy sir sultnpapper! I haven't heard the term "constitutional terrorists before tonight but I do know that something happens to people when we send them to Washington D.C.! And it ain't good!


You will hear sooner or later if you watch or listen to any main stream news, usually prefaced with words like "crazy" or "mentally disturbed". You are correct though, something happens and it is definitely not good.

Thank you for the shout-out! 🙌
It's good to see you blogging again!

Well, that is certainly a plate full. I'm going to with hold much comment until you actually get to it, but you know I generally agree with you.

The actual oath contains the words "preserve, protect, and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic..." I know this because the oath that I took included those very words. It was important to me 48 years ago, it is important now.

I do have one modest bitch to throw today. I have known a couple of honest used car salesmen (one was a woman) in my life. That makes about 2 more than I have known honest representatives. Just sayin'

Looking forward to the things to come.

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Thank you for the shoutout, #PowerHouseCreatives truly deserved it and great write-up.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

I've heard about this corporation thing before a few times, but I've never really looked into it as it seems to be a big rabbit hole. I think it's meant to be the same situation with the UK. I'm just not sure if we can do anything about it. It would be interesting to learn more about it though. I wonder if most of those congressmen and women even realise the full extent of this. I think they just take the money and do what they're told.


I doubt that even one of those who are elected ever had a clue until they were handed those foreign agent registration papers. At that point it is really to late for them having spent all kinds of money to get elected.

First off congrats to powerhousecreatives on the win and delegation

and a very interesting post to read, i was unaware of a lot of it, and its great to have you back posting regularly


About the time you accuse me of posting regularly I end up missing a day, oh well, I am trying but I was out of town on Monday and when I got home a had a couple drawings waiting in my in box and they needed the one on Tuesday morning so I was really busy last night.
I plan on going into the details in the future but it makes you wonder if they have ever told the truth about anything in the last 100 years or so.


I hope I didn’t put a jinx on your schedule
As for truth I think it is very much in short demand these days


I hope I didn’t put a jinx on your schedule
As for truth I think it is very much in short demand these days


Thanks Jay, sorry for the late response. My schedule is jacked up right now, I have been covered up with work and drawings but it is all good.


NO need to apologize, Hope things setlle down for you soon

I definitely learned something today! An entire book filled with these kinds of facts would be a bestseller @sultnpapper.

Have you ever felt like finding somewhere else in the world to live? I see a lot of people in the crypto community fleeing the US and I have to admit I've thought about it myself (even before I got involved in cryptocurrency). The trouble is it's not black and white, each country I've considered has its pros and cons.

There are a few interesting experiments going on like Liberland. Many people are moving to Malta, Panama, and Puerto Rico (PR has more favorable tax regs since it's not a State) as well. I do feel that, eventually, it won't be as easy for US citizens to live abroad. More people will start to wake up and the government will need to halt the exodus somehow. A law was passed a while back that allowed the IRS to collect taxes on US citizen's income earned abroad (you're taxed by the US and the country you earned the income in) so you have to sever all ties and renounce your citizenship to fully be free from their grips. I'm sure this has made more than a few rethink making a bold move.


I don't know that enough people would be interested enough to buy a book filled with the truth that would end up showing them just how ignorant they are when it comes to how the United States of America has gone from being a freedom loving country run by the people and for the people into a bankrupted foreign run corporation that is bankrupted both financially and morally while all the while hiding the truth from the people which they conveniently made citizens so that they would have complete control over.
As for leaving, I have thought about ,and like you, I ask where would be better? I don't know, so I will at least for now just try and pass along the truth in hope that people will start asking questions of their elected officials and do some research on their own too.
This place would be a great place if we would just get back to common law and common sense. We have so many laws and licenses that are nothing more than revenue streams for the government. Make laws , hire police to enforce the laws, and then fine the law breakers. That is how it works now in the United States of America for the most part.
Thanks for the support, Eric.


I think you'd be surprised at the demand for a book like this, especially amongst the crypto/libertarian crowd. Let's hope more Americans wake up to what is going on so we can try to facilitate change. Meanwhile, I'll be searching for a greener pasture, if such a thing exists. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Sorry for the late reply Eric. I have been covered up with drawing and the change of jobs. The pasture here would be really green and knee high in grass so to speak if the government would just operate within the confines of the constitution. That is what people need to understand, the people own the government, the government owns the citizens( thanks to the 14th amendment), we have a choice to "people" or "citizens" if people would actually read what is written there.
We need more people who will read and learn and less citizens.
Thanks for all of your support, hopefully I can get back at this Daily Dose writing in the near future, I was a little premature in declaring I was back.


No worries at all my friend. Life can be demanding sometimes and we must prioritize as best we can. Hopefully we can get people to wake up here before its too late! I hope the new job is going well.