Seasoned With Sult N Papper : June 1, 2019> Hello, I am new here or at least it feels that way.

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Seasoned With Sult N Papper 03/11/19> The art of deception is the US or UNITED STATES, INC.

In a previous Seasoned With Sult N Papper I mentioned that there is a difference between the US and the USA and just recently @janton said he couldn’t wait to see just what that statement was all about. Well since @janton is another Texan, (and should be a Texian in my opinion) I have moved his request to the front of the line on topics I will address. We Texans and Texians need to help each other when we can and so I will attempt to clear some things up or I may just end up muddying the water and making it even harder to see the bottom of the swamp.

tRump said he wanted to “drain the swamp” but you and I both know that was just a bunch of guzbucking bullshit campaign talk. In case you never have been in a swamp there is clear water there, in fact it is pretty crystal clear until you start mucking around in it. The reason tRump won’t or can’t drain the swamp is because there is an endless supply of ignorant power hungry dirty bastards wanting and waiting to take the place of those that might be displaced. Let me move on and not get side tracked, I feel that coming on.

Those previous two paragraphs...

The previous two paragraphs were written on 3/11/19 so here we are on the night of June 1, 2019 , to say I got side tracked would be an understatement; boy did I ever get side tracked. @janton I just don’t have it in me right now to explain the deception but there are plenty of well researched articles on the subject if you really want to look into it.

I’ve been busy with work and drawing; and the little free time I have had I’ve been sneaking over to the poker room on here on playing some cards to relax. I just haven’t had it in me to write anything that would be worth your time to read.

The crazy part is I have gained some followers in my absence and one person even “muted “ me; even when I say nothing I guess they didn’t want to hear it. About once a week I have been trying to at least upVote some posts but I could and should do a better job at that.

Here is something...

Here is something I have never shared on here because it looked like it was never going to get off the ground but I will share it now (and probably jinx it ).

Although I have no degree in chemistry I love to fool around with mixing chemicals and a little over 5 years ago I came up with a combination of chemicals that when added to wet concrete in the mixer it makes the concrete water proof when it drys. Water proof concrete most people haven’t heard of but it can be done and has been for a long time using a crystalline admixture that actually grows crystals to fill in the small voids in the concrete. Those products are expensive and bulky , thus not easy to work with.

A one quart bottle of the liquid I came up with will treat a cubic yard of concrete and is easy as hell to pour in the mixer and is relatively inexpensive to produce compared to the others. Plus there is additional savings in transportation and packaging disposal costs.

My biggest problem has been the lack of funds to get this off the ground. Three years ago I got a friend of mine to look at the stuff and he has the money to take this to market, unfortunately he had a heart attack and that set him back with taking on the project. Well he is doing better now and another good friend of his was the lead chemist at DuPont Chemical for 27 years and we have him involved now, he tweaked the formula just a touch and now it is not only hydrophobic (water resistant) but also oleophobic (oil resistant).

At the end of May we got the first test results back from the school of concrete at a university over in the mid south and the results are very encouraging as to the strength testing of the concrete samples. The concrete with our admixture is 18% stronger on average than the control samples that have no additives at all.

This month they will be testing the permeability of the concrete with our admixture so we will know precisely just how much (if any) water is penetrating the concrete. I can tell you right now that it will be less than 1% if that much. I have done several tests myself using small treated samples and a jeweler’s scale that measures grams and never got a sample to weigh more after being submerged in water for days.

The biggest cause...

The biggest cause of concrete failure is the reinforcing steel in the concrete rusting and the expansion from the internal rusting causes the concrete to crack and fall apart. If water can’t get in to the steel it won’t end up rusting and causing the problems. Can you imagine just how many bridges would never need replaced if the concrete was water proof? How about basements that take on water through the floors or concrete block walls; those problems could be eliminated as well. This stuff could very well change things when it comes to building with concrete. How about a driveway that would never get an oil spot on it?

The best part is that it is not a coating so even if the concrete gets chipped off it still remains water proof since this admixture is all the way through the concrete and not a coating.

My partner has money but he also has friends with money and his friends are taking notice as well. He assures me we are not for off from having “mail box money”. So if the testing comes back like we expect it too he is going to get things in high gear. So if you will say a little prayer for me that the testing goes well this month.

On the job front...

On the job front things are going real well there too. I couldn’t be happier with the change and it gets better every month. One of the brands we represent just purchased another leading company in our field and we just got confirmation on Friday that the company has given us that product line to represent as well. So starting July 1 we will be taking on that product line and my commission checks will be getting larger very soon.

That is enough for now. I apologize for not being able to write often and I do appreciate each and every one of you that have taken the time to read my blog.

For the record; Blondie and I are still boycotting, it has been over a year now and the preacher still hasn’t produced her paper.

Until next time,

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wonderful news all around!!!!
so happy for you!!

It was great this weekend getting to spend some time with you at the tables and I owe you a huge "Thank You" and You know why.


I figured you knew what I was doing and you are most welcome.


Ever notice how "Welcome back" sounds like "Well, come back!" as in: "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" 😂

Anyway, we have missed you and your insights and musings! Glad to hear that not only are you doing okay, but thriving in the new job and on the verge of becoming the Concrete King! whoo hooo! 👑


Thank you Tiffany and it does surely sound the same when you read it written like that. I have missed being around here as well but don't look for me being a regular contributor of content anytime soon. I still have quite a bit of "stuff" staring me in the face each day and all of it takes a huge portion of my waking hours.
Concrete King has a good ring to it; hopefully soon it will come to be.
Thanks for all the support since we joined up on here, very (and I mean VERY ) much appreciated.

Wasn't I just talking to you? And here I was thinking I was the one who brought you back lol... I will definitely be saying a prayer for you on the mix results... that's some really cool news my friend! Not only for bridges and oil free driveways, but can you imagine how much stronger buildings could be? I bet that would make skyscrapers resistant to... oh I don't know...

Jetplane impacts...?

Pause... for effect...


It's good to see you again brother; I have missed you "adding mud to the water"... I remember the first time reading your posts at the @steemusa group. If I had the finances, I'd surely help your endeavors... I don't sadly; barely enough to even get by. But you know what? You and Blondie keep boycotting :)

Great to see you again brother...

Until then...


Actually Wes our conversation about @appics did spark me to write this post, so you deserve the credit. Honestly; I hadn't posted in so long I had to look at past blogs to remember how to do headers and bold type sizing. I still haven't looked at Appics but after I get done with my replies I plan on taking a look, but I don't do much stuff with my phone as far as social media or anything else. Mainly voice, text and maps so I don't know that it will help me but I do appreciate you mentioning to me.
But you can take credit for sparking me to sit down and give the community an update on what has been going on lately. When I read the words "you have been missed" it motivated me to type this one out....
On the concrete: Any concrete is resistant to flying aluminum cans and it doesn't matter on the speed of the can. That is all I am going to say on that subject, you can't always trust what you think you have seen and if you dig deep enough into the rubble .... the jet engine that was on the street and well photographed wasn't the brand of engine on the planes that crashed into the towers. How does that happen?


Well then...

I certainly can't take ALL the credit!! Rightfully so, you have a great deal of Steemians...people... who obviously care about you, my friend. As for the Appics app... no worries, it was really just an option I wanted to throw your way; I like it for the ease of posting, but I also like spending "hours" writing a bunch of gibberish and slapping photos in there! It depends on my day really...if MS is winning, it's Appics. If I have the "monster" somewhat under control, I enjoy taking the time to write a good post...

... potato, potahto?

Aluminum cans...

Oh now, that's good!! But you know there is NO such thing as a flying aluminum can right? Why that would be like... like... drinking the "kool-aid"... Ah, I digress...

The Concrete

Any thought to the rationale of combining with hempcrete? You knew I was going to ask!!

Again...great to hear from you, brother...


I don't know enough about hempcrete to say if there is any rational in combining the two together. My understanding is that hempcrete has very limited strength when it comes to load bearing compared to concrete and we are focusing more on large scale projects where strength and longevity are important considerations.
One place I do see ( and I am fond of) is the dome aircrete houses. I like the concept of aircrete and I think we have something to offer those folks building in that method but right now I haven't explored that like I need too. I would like to build an aircrete dome house at some point in the future with our admixture in the aircrete.
Thanks for the questions.


All I know is... whatever you end up doing, I think you will go far! You are dealing with things that are relevant to the future... exciting times ahead I pray for you man!!

How lovely seeing you again Mr Papper! I'm so glad to hear things are going well with your new job and how exciting about your invention! Hubby says that oil is also a problem on concrete roads which we do have in some areas here so it would save a whole lot in road maintenance as well! Will be saying a prayer that the test results are positive!
So bad that the preacher still hasn't returned Blondie's papers, looks like that's how it's going to remain!


Thanks Lizelle glad that you stopped by and tell the Mr I said "hello". I appreciate all prayers and this next 30 days of waiting for test results will probably seem like an eternity. The oil is a problem that is safety related and the water is a problem in that it reduces the life of the concrete. Both issues are important and this admixture can help with both.
The preacher has a layer of protection in the form of Mrs. Papper since she is working for the church and won't let confront him over this but she is considering quitting her job and when and if she does he has a visit coming to him from me.
Thanks for all the support, hopefully I won't be MIA for so long in the future.

VERY interesting. Would you by chance except more suitors? I think my wife' boss will be extremely interested in your development.


At this point I can't say for sure and it is a little premature until we actually have the permeability test results that we can prove it does what we believe it does.
Also my partner is handling all the business end of the deal and he has mentioned that a licensing agreement with that concrete company might be where we head with this; so if you want to send me an email about your wife's boss / company and what they do I can pass it on to my partner. Email me :
Thank you for reading and the inquiry, very much appreciated.

Sounds exciting and promising @sultnpapper! Praying all goes well with the testing!! Glad you and Blondie are "sticking to your guns"! 😉


Thank you @deerjay. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment and for the prayers. We are sticking to our guns for sure, and the TV preacher Joel O'Steen , is worth listening to on Sunday morning for hearing God's word.


You are welcome @sultnpapper! I've heard Joel Osteen on tv (a long time ago) and felt I got more from his preaching than some churches I've been too. I don't do the church thing anymore but still have Faith in God and Jesus Christ. 💖

Howdy sir sultnpapper! So good to see you back sir! And you are doing us Texans proud. It's so good to hear that the new job situation is what you wanted and needed and then to hear about this new invention goes from good news to fantastic news!

Wow, well it sounds like this thing is a slam-dunk, no-brainer to succeed. Do you have the formula patented yet? When this takes off will you keep doing your regular work even if this makes you rich?

Thanks so much for the mentions and for remembering my request for that explanation. I hope you have time to write again soon, at least with updates on the concrete formula. Everyone in the world will want that concrete for their driveways and garages, not to mention basements like you said! wow!


Things are really starting to fall in place right now. We haven't filed for a patent yet but we have the paper work ready to go once we get the next round of test results back. Patents aren't all that people think they are... you have to have the money to defend your patent should somebody decide to copy your stuff.
Lots of time and money spent only to find out that the people don't have jack crap to begin with or they have their assets so well protected you don't get squat from suing them.

But we will file for one anyway.

You are welcome for the mentions and some day I intend to give you a proper answer when I have the time to go and cite the proper research.

The next round of testing is scheduled for 06/13/19 for the permeability testing so it won't be long before we find out just exactly how much water is being repelled. Right now those other types I mentioned boast about 70 to 75% reduction in water absorption; we should blow that number out of the water (pun intended) but you just never know until you have the results.
Keep your fingers crossed for us if you will.


Howdy sir sultnpapper! Sounds like you all have a sound plan with your ducks in a row and I predict a victorious outcome! Yes, lets hope for 100% reduction in water absorption!

Hey hey hey. What a welcome sight for sore eyes. Not that my eyes are particularly sore, but damn, it's good to see you here.

Good luck with draining the swamp. "There is no good revolution, only power changing hands."

Holy Cow! That admixture sounds astounding. I mean really. I got a 'behind the ropes' tour of Grand Coulee dam back when they were building the 3rd powerhouse. An engineer was sparking one of my sisters (she turned down the engineer and married an incredible dipshit) and he asked me if I wanted to see. Not to let this get too long he told me to leave my camera at home but bring my irrigation boots for the tour. Because of the 'seep'. Water seeping through the concrete. There were multiple 'streams' to ford when you got down near the bottom of the thing. At the time GCD was the largest concrete structure on earth....

So. Waterproof, fully sealed concrete is a real thing. Doing it cheap and easy should be worth about a gazillion dollars more or less. What a truly wondrous thing. I'll be really happy to say "I knew him when".

And the work situation just keeps getting better? How incredibly cool is that? What a great report.

Right until the last sentence. Just reading that you are still in boycott mode is like have a rock in my shoe. An incredible irritant that just shouldn't be there.

Good to see you! And let the record show I think it should be 'Texicans'. It's that pesky X that provides the difficulty... But Texians would be better than Texans. IMHO.

Stain proof driveway concrete might help the entire US economy cause more people would ride Harley Davidsons with no fear of oil stains :)


Damn lucky you are; not many people get a look at that dam from behind the scenes. Most people don't realize just how porous regular concrete is; it is stronger than hell but sucks up water like a sponge. Here in Houston with as much rain as we get it isn't uncommon to have moisture coming up through the concrete floor foundations, the refer to that as "rising damp". But it plays havoc with flooring adhesives and ruins carpet from mold and mildew. Even with the moisture barrier plastics the builders use it still manages to work it's way through; all it takes is a small tear in plastic. Fire ants love plastic and they will eat the plastics for the oils in them; they also build mounds under houses so it puts them right were the moisture barrier is located.
I didn't know Harley's are prone to oil leaks, but I am not a bike guy, so I learned something new this morning.
The term Texians dates back to when Texas was an independent nation. When it became part of the USA the name was changed to Texans. I am for getting back to an independent nation since the USA hasn't lived up to the terms of agreement.
I am keeping my fingers crossed on the additional testing of the concrete, anytime you have people testing stuff you have to hope and pray they do it correctly. I know the stuff works and so does my partner but having documentation from one of the leading schools in the country when it comes to concrete and concrete construction is very important in our eyes.
The only thing that could potentially be an issue is with the oil resistance since the oil isn't sucked into the concrete it will just end up being washed off with the next rain and end up in the gutter. We can always back that out if it were to be an issue since water is the main thing we are going after.
The boycott is troubling; not so much about the paper any longer but that the minister hasn't lived up to his word. I am not going to go sit in church and listen to this guy preach to me when he can't live up to his word. How can I trust him? I can't.
Thanks for the great reply and I do envy you about that damn dam trip.

What a pleasant surprise finding you in my feed!
Glad life is ticking and clicking for you.
Wow... water proof cement would certainly be a game changer.
Having tried nearly every trick in the book to keep moister out of our rooms over the years... all’s I can say is. Please hurry up... I need water proof cement 8 years ago. 😂

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My friend's heart attack really set him back and set this project back by over a year. Then it took more convincing that it wouldn't be that hard or expensive to get people interested once we had testing done.
He has specialized in corporate take overs in his business career and has been the president and ceo of several companies that he either merged with others or sold off divisions and has made quite a huge bankroll doing it. This will be the first time he has ever taken on a project from start up and he was reluctant in that.
But his wife and the wife of president of the 5th largest concrete company in the US are best friends and at dinner party he mentioned it to the president of the concrete company . When he told the guy about it and the price per yard his reply was, "if you can do it for that price and it works bring me the results of the tests. You are sitting on a gold mine." That has stoked his fire to say the least. Hopefully all goes well with this next round of testing and things will take off shortly after those tests.
As wet as it is where you live I am pretty sure it would sell well down there.

I enjoy reading about your concrete mixture. I hope it goes well as this is important for construction. It would have use in a lot of different applications like cheaper sewer pipes, too. Replacing thoses is a very messy job and they can't afford to use the expensive underwater concrete that tunnels are made from.


Thanks @abitcoinskeptic most sewer pipes here in the US have gone from clay and concrete to pvc and polyethylene which are very inexpensive for the most part so I don't see that as much of an opportunity here but it maybe in other parts of the world.
Glad you enjoyed reading about this and thank you so much from taking the time to read and comment.


I was thinking note for storm sewers, wrong word, my bad. As far as I know the storm drains are still mostly concrete. Actual sewage makes semse to use plastics since a leak would be a sad day.

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Yes, storm sewers are still mainly concrete but a company called ADS ( Advanced Drainage Systems) has a double wall smooth poly pipe that is up to 60" in diameter that is getting specified now for storm drain use in a lot of new areas being built. It is so much easier to work with and the cost is right in line with the concrete piping when all things are considered.


Congrats on the new representatief and for the record this blondie isnt boycotting just blogging


Thanks Britt. I can't say "I am back" but I did drop in to at least give an update. That other product line being added to our portfolio of products is a double edge sword. It will mean more money coming in but it adds to the work load as well so time will be even more precious after July 1.
Our boycott is one that is a matter of principle, if the preacher at the church can't live up to his word there is no need for us to be in the church pews on Sunday morning listening to him or any of the other ministers in the church preaching.
Thanks for reading and commenting, very much appreciated.


After the workload is a bit more relaxed we love your blogs on steemit again.


Thank you B, that is very kind of you to say.

OW that sounds so interesting and promising with the Concrete Mix that could be huge, and glad your new Job is going well, nice to see you make an appearance on here again :)


Thanks Jay. I am cautiously optimistic for right now but each day it seems to be finally starting to come together more on all fronts.


Thats Greta to hear and cautiously Optimistic is a good way to go :) good luck


Sounds almost too good to be true.

Have you tested it out with fibers added to the concrete mix?

Seriously, that should be a winning combination as far as strength goes and definitely increase the life of the concrete/structure.

Just thinking out aloud here.

Similar to you, no degree here either, but three buildings that I designed and built, from which I learned a hell of a lot about building and winter/salt and you name it. Not a professional, but know a little here and there about bits n' pieces when it comes to construction planning and execution.


At this time Jack we have only tested it with conventional concrete. Like you; I also believe it would work well with the fibers added in the mix and our chemist says the same thing.
Winter salt is something that just accelerates the rusting of reinforcing steel in northern climates and that is something that we are very well aware of.
We have other testing lined up once we get the permeability results back including freeze / thawing and salt water exposure. We just have to take it one step at time.
Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, very much appreciated.

Exciting stuff Salt&Papper! Wishing every success!


Thank you, very much appreciated.

Glad to see you back!! So happy to hear all is going well with you! The concrete project is super exciting! I hope that goes well for you; what a cool idea!
Haha, who on earth 'mutes' someone who isnt even posting? How goofy...


That was the same question I asked myself, I could see if I had been posting a bunch of controversial stuff recently but I hadn't posted in three months.
Thanks for the well wishes on the concrete project. Those are very much appreciated along with you taking the time to read and comment.

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It's good to hear from you again @sultnpapper! Best of luck with the testing. It's much needed and sounds like a real winner!


Hey Eric,
Sorry for the late reply. The testing is going fantastic, should have the final report this week. Things are definitely getting ramp upped now.
Take care,


No problem! Wonderful news and I wish you well!