Mykori Dessert cafe- Chinese New Year in KL

3년 전

Was introduced to this Korean dessert cafe located in Mahkota Cheras. Have been to a few Korean dessert places in Perth but this one clearly is a standout for me


The first dessert to arrived on the table is known as Mont Fuji. Yogurt shave ice with the grey thingy on top. Looks interested and the taste was like ‘wow’ and as I dig in; more than meets the eye. There are mango and frozen raspberries in it... yum!




The next star to go out is a honeydew dessert... infact; honeydew balls with nata de coco in it.



And finally, we finished with the good old honey toast with 2 scoops of ice cream.


Thank you for reading

All the photos are 100% original

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Looking at all the desserts makes me want to have them as well. I can that it must be delicious just by the look of these photos. Thanks for sharing


The Mont Fuji is my fav, it’s so nice that I almost want to order the same one when I was there the 2nd time

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