Rojak mee in Perth

3년 전


Back in Perth after the holiday break, but still in the mood for local food hence decided to travel all the way to Manning for My Rasa. Authentic Malaysian food from the southern province of Johore.


Ordered the Rojak mee and it was flavorful and tasty. The last time I had rojak mee was like 10years ago and eat it now give me a different taste.


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Hi@pdng1975, i have eaten Rojak but it is either with fruits or with vege like bean sprout, cucumber, turnip, Kang Kong, fried bean curb and fried fritters.....not Mee. Is it vegetarian or with some meat?? Interesting, please share info. Thanks


@jackpot, now that you asked; I can't seems to recall if the dish is vegetarian or with meat as I was too focus on eating.

But I think there are some pieces of chicken in it. A very interesting dish.

Oh wow looks glorious

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