The big Jumbo in Seafood - Singapore

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When in Singapore I do what all the locals love.. eat! And what could be better than to make a trip to Jumbo seafood to have a bite of the big and fleshy crab.


Tried the black pepper crab on this oscassion and it did not disappoint. The flesh of the crab was nice, succulent and firm.... and it was sweet. Together with the black pepper sauce, heavenly.


Verdict: worth going back again.

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Hey @pdng1975, congrats for winning the contest @howtostartablog. I saw your Black Pepper reminded me when I was in SG and missing it. I am sure you enjoy them. Good Luck in your future food posting.


@jackpot, thank you for the message. It was really a very enjoyable dinner.

Very big. I am not sure to eat the entire crab alone.
thank you for this post


@oadissin, the crab was shared by 4 people and if my memory served me correct the crab was 1.4kg

Thank you for reading

and thats why i keep telling myself that i need to go to singapore soon hahah


@happyboo25, you do need to visit Singapore if you have the time. Lots of wonderful eateries to explore.

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