How Does Daily Kos Fuck Up Something as Simple as a View Counter?!?

4년 전

Websites have had view counters since the how the fuck does Daily Kos not have one?

To be clear, Daily Kos used to have a view counter where authors could see how many views each of their articles got. However, an update several years ago broke this feature and it has never been fixed. The feature wasn't intentionally taken out - the counter is still there - it just doesn't work.

Surely a view counter is one of the most important things for a website like Kos to have. After all, why would somebody waste time writing on Kos if their articles only get a couple dozen views? (On the other hand maybe that explains why there Kos hasn't bothered to fix this basic feature...bloggers might leave if they knew they were getting hardly any views). Any content creator wants to know how many views they are getting so they can judge what people actually want to read, how much sharing their articles on certain sites might help, and generally if blogging is worth their time. After making sure that the site works and content can be published, view counts should be the next priority. It is mind-boggling that they haven't fixed this yet. Since it has been a few years, I assume it will never be fixed.

Just another sign that some people in charge of the site have given up on it. I know this is just a detail, but it really is remarkable how many simple details Daily Kos manages to mess up.

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