The Daily Leo #27 | Appreciate the Steem Price + SE Market Viewing Tool + AFITX Tokens + Global Economy + Sportstalksocial Token

2년 전

STEEM Price Today: $0.19.

We often don't appreciate things until they are gone. Many were complaining when the STEEM price was $1 after being at $8 for the all-time high.

Then they complained even more when we hit $.7. More so when we hit $.4 and so on and so forth.

Now we long to even see $0.4 again. This is the nature of humans. We have a hard time truly appreciating something until it is stripped away from our life.

STEEM still has as much value (or even more, considering all the developments -- tribes, HF21, HF22?) as it did when we were at $8 and $4 and $1 and $0.40. The fundamentals are still sound, now all we need is a bump in price action to restore confidence and regain the spotlight so we can attract more and more users.

Appreciate $0.19 in a way because it could always be worse. For now, enjoy today's Daily Leo 🧡



Steem Engine Tools: Market Open Orders and Market Calculators

4 Minute Read | 750 Words

Who isn't using Steem-Engine these days? It seems that we're all on there on a daily basis, but the exchange tools can be relatively primative and uninformative at times. There's got to be a better way.... well, @cadawg has a solution for all of us. He's created Steem Engine Tools to offer better ways to explore the Steem-Engine sidechain and his latest features are Market Open Orders and Market Calculators. These two tools offer a look at highly valuable data related to SE token markets and can easily have a massive impact on your ability to trade/investon SE profitably. This is one that you can't miss out on!



New AFITX token | Move AFIT tokens to Steem-Engine

2 Minute Read | 282 Words

Actifit has some great ideas for adding value to their token. One of their latest innovations is the link between AFIT and AFITX. @rosatravels talks best practices for using AFIT and AFITX with Steem-Engine in her latest post.



What's going on in the economy after the interest rate cut?

5 Minute Read | 917 Words

The trade wars are intensifying, the Yuan is losing value against the dollar.. how are markets, BTC and gold reacting? Check out @lenonmc21's latest post to find out.



My current thoughts on the economics of the SPORTS token.

5 Minute Read | 909 Words

@jk6276 does a deep dive on the economics behind the sportstalksocial token and talks about a few points that he thinks could have a positive impact on the future value of the network.



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When we look at the value of crypto we should be aware that we are not looking at shares, precious metal or real estate. When we look at cryptos we make a bet about a technology. When I look at the steem ecosystem and compare it with other blockchains, there is absolutely nothing comparable. When people will be bored of facebook corporation and its apps, where will they turn to? Where can they get paid for their content? Where can you have all these possibilities with the steem-engine? We should see the bright side of the prices. Everybody follows the trend but the market is very small. So the 0.19$ could be a great opportunity to become a whale in this ecosystem.


🙌🏽 It is a great time indeed for anyone who has the stomach to muster through this rollercoaster of crypto.

I talked about this in a very similar manner for today’s podcast episode... investing in technology is not just risky, it’s completely unpredictable. On a grand scale, the vision is clear. On a micro scale, who knows what could happen. We’re better off guessing a random number between 1 and 1 trillion

Value is perceptions and trust, which sums up the negative sentiment within and outside of Steem. Trading Markets are inefficient and at times, requires time for price to match that value/valuation. I think that is the case for lets let nature take its course, win, lose or draw.


Inneficiency is definitely what we are experiencing today! I agree completely with that strategy. The options are simple. Stand and fight for the greater mission or run and hide as it fades to dust.

Thank you for sharing.

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