Daily pet photography event. My entry №39 of @kona.

3년 전

This is a daily call from @kona! To participate, read the participation rules https://steemit.com/dailypetphotography/@kona/daily-pet-photography-challenge


This is the continuation of our cat's walk on slippery snow. She really liked it.

Это продолжение прогулки нашей кошки по скользкому снегу. Ей это очень понравилось.

camera Nikon Coolpix S2700

Good luck and patience to you!

Удачи и терпения вам!

Thank you for Your attention!

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Is it still very cold in Ukraine? Even here it snowed on Sunday, but today there was a beautiful sun :).


Yes, while it's very cold, but the sun appears in the daytime and everything is melting. But while there is a lot of snow covered with ice))). It looks like Knopka not upset ))).


It seems to be right at home :).

beautiful cat, she makes a good contrast in the snow :)


That last photo is hilarious hahaha those back paws!


It turned out very funny)).

Игривая кормилица.


у меня кот пропал... боюсь за него...


До этой кошки у нас тоже был кот, весной пропадал тоже надолго, потом являлся побитый, изможденный и довольный)). Не переживайте, придет.

It looks like a fun day out there. 😄


Our cat every day is fun))).

👨 The b&w cat on the snow is very nice.
My dog has a similar pattern. :)


Thank you, I'll look at your dog))