Daily Pet Photography: my cats comfort me during confusing time!


This is my entry for #dailypetphotography hosted by @kona. These few days my energy field seems to have been very disturbed and I could feel the swing between low and high waves. It dawns on me that I have been watching the news of rioting in America. No wonder! The vibes from these violent actions do flow around the world. This awareness do help in centering my core balance but it sapped some energy from me. So, the best cure for me is to take comfort in looking at my cats’ photos. The lockdown has pinned me down in one place for too long now.





I do miss my orange cats very much so I am planning to travel to see them. All the buses are operating again although the train service is still dead! There has been no NEW cases of local infection for six weeks now. So the virus has already burnt itself out for having no hosts. The authority and some officials are perhaps insurgents of the globalists who want to implement all necessary measures for the New World Order. That’s probably why corruptions are still rampant among politicians and high officials.



These orange cats are so sweet and gentle; they never fight for food and have no idea what corruption is . They eat very little to satisfy their bodily needs and they sleep peacefully without going out to riot or loot for expensive brand name merchandise. So, I do miss and appreciate my orange cats a so much!


My cats never want the New World Order or the control of all currencies in the world. They never want to see compulsory vaccines with nano-chips to track all people while implementing social credit system.



I wish that all the cats would spread the positive vibes around the world to counter balance the negative and psychopaths’ vibes in the air. This writing certainly reflects the process of internal struggle between the two opposite vibes floating around the globe! Cats Power heals all!

Have a nice day!

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I love the kitties they are always so cute to see all snuggly with one another.