Daily pet photography event - A milk cow "You can milk in morning or evening only not now"

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Daily pet photography challenge!

My entry # 126.
Here is my entry to daily pet photography challenge hosted by @kona, hi Steemians if you want to participate, please follow the link to know more about the challenge:


There are plenty of domestic animals in the area where I live, those are dogs, cows, goats, chickens, buffalo cows, sheep, pigs and many different kinds of birds, these are live in friendship with humans. I'll take photos of those animals and posting here. Today, I did shot this below pic of a milk cow that has been grazing on a dry land. when I reached nearby her, she gave me an amazing look, at the moment, I clicked that pose and has submitted for your glance. Livestock casting is the most profitable business in India. There are different types of color and plenty of milk cows in our country, for the following purposes- pet, meat, for milk, in agriculture, to get leathers, to getting manure for fields and to get free from economic problems.

Milk cow (You can milk in morning or evening not now.)


Some facts about Indian cows

  • Gir, Sindhi, Jersey and Caronswiss are the different types of cows.
  • Murrah is a type of buffalo which gives 30 liters of milk per day.
  • India stands first in milk productions
  • Jersey gives 25 to 30 liters of milk
  • Manure is prepared using wast, cowdung, soil and earthworm.

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Pretty awesome photography of cow.
Brilliant capture and Nice content @kunani.☺

Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

India also 1st in beef export, thanks to dairy industry!


Yes... but nowadays, I do not think that so coz of Indian present ruling party.


Nobody can stop it until and unless we do not stop to consume dairy products.




In the farm of my grandparents prefer to milk them in the morning


In the farm of my
Grandparents prefer to milk
Them in the morning

                 - angelgerar93

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Might be...In our country, some cattle (cows) are preferred to milk them twice a day, moreover, some greedy people are using hormone injection to milk them.

Nice photography...feeling proud of an indian like you doing well in steemit.


Thank you, you also a good doctor I am very very proud of you.


Thank you 😊. which state you belong to?


And you?

Great and brilliant photography @kunani. I appreciate your work.
I really loved your post. 😍😍
Nice content

Thanks for sharing this post.