Daily pet photography event - A sheep's herd - "what are you bring us"?

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Daily pet photography challenge!

My entry # 125.
Here is my entry to daily pet photography challenge hosted by @kona, hi Steemians if you want to participate, please follow the link to know more about the challenge:


There are plenty of domestic animals in the area where I live, those are dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, goats, buffalo cows, ox, sheep, pigs and many different kinds of birds, these are live in friendship with humans. I'll take photos of those animals then posting here. Today, I did shot this below pic. A herd of sheep was grazing at a meadow in adjacent to a sugarcane field when I went to nearby them, suddenly some of them gave me an great expectation look, I captured it and has been submitted for your glance.

A sheep's herd - "what are you bring us"?

Some common and special facts about animals.

  • Animals have senses such as sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

  • Animal's vision differs in color, distance, and clarity of the objects.

  • Elephant, deer, monkey, rabbit, dog, and bat have more hearing sensations.

  • Dog have greater sniffing capacity.

  • Dog, monkey can feel the earthquake earlier.

  • Rabbit can see all the objects around it.

  • Tiger has sharp vision during night. They use whiskers to feel the vibration in the air.

  • Oxen can see the objects in black and white.

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Great and amazing post @kunani.
Awesome capture taken by you.☺💚
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Oh...,thank you!

Pretty awesome photography. Nice shots and amazing article @kunani.
Keep doing!!

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you!

They are look so handsome, @kunani 😄


Yes.. it is...

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good job, your post is better and better, keep going~


Thank you bro..., All my pride is yours.

Adding some facts of what you posted make it more interesting! Great one @kunani.


Thanks for your valuable appreciation dear @soubella!

incredible very big all the goats that my friends love


Thank you!

i like your post


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