Easy upvotes and money @dPet

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I have affiliations with @dPet and @orientalhub. The first is building an all-in-one pet portal and the latter been doing some cross-cultural events on the Steem blockchain.

The two entities are getting together for a special promotion.

You and your friends can get free upvotes (0.05 & 0.1 respectively) and stand a chance to win some SBD.

Step 1. You (referrer) and your friend (referral) start following @dPet;

Step 2. The referral will have to author a post with an original pet/animal photo using the #dailypetphotography;

Step 3: The referral then will need to join the dPet discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUbrs8b;

Step 4: On the discord channel, the referral will need to text dPet on the #post-promotion channel with a weblink to the dailypetphotography post and a message “I am @xxx on Steemit and invited by @yyy@xxx is your friend’s (the referral’s) Steemit handle while @yyy is yours (the referrer’s)

This refer-a-friend event is now on from 13:00 GMT+8, 9/Aug/2018 to 12:59 GMT+8, 23/Aug/2018.

At completion , top 3 referrers will receive 3, 2, and 1 SBD respectively from @dPet.

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Na, I don't own that account but have been helping @dpet with some marketing and proposal writing.

looking forward to your referring friends to @dpet though.

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