Communication with your dog. What is he saying to you?

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Surely you often wonder what a puppy wants to tell you with barking, or when he's wagging his tail, does that mean he is happy? Or when he follows you around the house, that's mean he loves you and wants to be around you or is he just hungry? They communicate with us, except that this communication is not through language but through voice signs, body language, and facial expressions. In the same way, dogs communicate with each other.

I got a puppy 7 years ago and after some time I started to ask myself what her certain action means, so I was observing and tried to understand her. After some time, I think I started to understand what is what. :)
So, let's see what she wants with a particular action.😊

Wagging tail – I think this is an international sign for a happy dog and I don’t need to explain it 😊

Dogs eyes - Happy dogs are having wide eyes and eyelids. They blink more often, and their look is much softer. Otherwise, narrowed eyes and a firm gaze may indicate aggression.

Mouth - Happy dogs are often “smiling”. It means that their mouths are open and, although some teeth are visible, they don't bend their lips in an aggressive manner. However, we must be careful not to confuse an open mouth with a smile, because an open mouth can also indicate that he is stressed or is too hot.

Ears - The shape of the dog's ears varies with the breed. In general, the ears of happy dogs are relaxed. One ear may be raised or are both lowered. When his ears are tilted forward, your puppy is very interested in what's going on around him. But they say if the puppy's ears are raised or tilted back, it is a sign of aggression or fear. Not with my dog :) When her ears are raised, she heard something and she's curious :)

Body - Probably the clearest understanding for us is the body language of the dog. When the dog is confident and relaxed, his posture is upright, slowly wagging his tail, and his ears are upright but relaxed. The pupils are shrunk, and the mouth is closed or slightly open. The dog lies or stands, and he doesn't care what's going around him. 😊
I'm sure you know that when the tail is between the hind legs, the ears are hanging, the eyes are wide open, he is scared, or he is not comfortable with the surroundings. And of course, we all know how it looks when he wants to attack - his body is rigid, the hair on his back stands upright. The tail is upright or straight and rigid. He keeps his ears upright, his eyes focused and he's staring in the target. The lips are stretched out, and he's showing teeth.

Behavior - Biting is a natural behavior for the dog when he explores the environment around it. Excessive chewing or biting means, that your puppy is bored, and you need to spend more with him. Happy puppies will seldom destroy your home and will rarely be naughty because they will get enough attention from you. Troublesome behavior is typical for bored and miserable puppies.

Barking - Even barking can mean different feelings for the puppy. If the puppy is happy, his voice will be higher. I can tell you that for sure because every time when we come home, she is barking with a high voice. 😊

Jumping - Happy dogs are often jumping, you could say they are dancing, especially when they see you or someone they know. Moving quickly means that he is ready to play, and he is satisfied in the environment in which it lives.

Sleeping - Happy and healthy adult dogs are sleeping about 16 hours on average. If your puppy sleeps very little, it can be a sign of stress and frustration.

And you know for sure that he is happy when he is lying on his back and he's showing you his belly and at the same time his tongue. :))

What do you say? Is your dog happy? 😊




Just for the end. Every dog breed is different and every dog has also different behavior and of course different meanings. The more time you spend with him, the more you get to know him and his behavior.

Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen. - Orhan Pamuk

Guys, thanks for reading and till next time 😎🐾

With love, @tinabrezpike

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