Kjeåsen Mountain Farm, Norway

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Norway Pictures, Kjeåsen Hordaland Fylke, Norway

Kjeåsen -Hordaland Fylke, Norway

Kjeåsen is in Eidfjord and is upon an eagle's nest on a mountain ledge 600 m. above the Simadalsfjord. There's a very narrow road that only allows you to drive up every hour, down every half hour. It's one of Norway's mountain ledge farm perched above a Fjord just like the Skagefla farm in Geirangerfjord.

Interesting tidbits about the Kjeasen Mountain Farm

The name Kjeåsen comes from kje' meaning "child" and ås meaning "mountain" - Mini Mountain as it stands. The farm was inhabited at least since the 1650s before the road up to the farm was constructed. Prior to that, the only way to get there is through the steep path from the bottom of the fjord. During the 1930s a cable car was constructed that could carry equipment and supplies up the farm but the residents of Kjeåsen still had to use the steep trail. The outlying farmstead at Kjeåsen was abandoned in 1962 and was finally sold in 2016 after being in the same family for a few hundred years.

The Swedish writer Bror Ekström wrote a book about the people living there after visiting the farm in the 1950s. The book, Folket på Kieåsen (The folks of Kjeåsen), was published in 1958 and became popular in Norway. The Norwegian broadcasting company, NRK, aired a program about Kjeåsen in its series Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu and a Swedish national radio broadcaster also aired a program about the farm.

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In addition to exceptional landscapes, there is also an understanding of hard work on this earth, and beauty inspires

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@adonisabril Respected Sir ,
Please tell me something special about norway because i would like to vist in norway...

Whoa, thats stunning scenery!

Beautiful, peaceful scenes like this are so calming. It's hard to think "I could live there happy the rest of my life!" Then, you find that they have no internet, no close grocery store and you have to catch, kill or grow almost all of your food. Then, it's like "I could visit there, for a few days at least!".


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Oh wow, the photo looks surreal.

I was able to partially see the fjords but I haven't been able to go up North. I should visit again for sure!



wow superb, such a dream place to be. Thanks for sharing this awesome photography! 😍😍😍

Very beautiful nature in the Norway. It looks like Siberia, very similar.

This is worth seeing physically. ❤ Norway could be my next destination but its still on my bucket list.

Thanks for share the information & picture of this beautiful heavenly place.

I've always wanted to visit Norway.Looks amazing!!

Really great photo you have taken @adonisabril

Loving this place as if heaven on earth...😍😍

guao simplemente hermoso

Nice place and view

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hey in the picture i saw the paradise

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Awesome ,really looks wonderfull place

wowww it looks like a well done paint, so full of color and peacefully! <3

What an amazing place that would be to wake up to every morn.


What an amazing
Place that would be to wake up
To every morn.

                 - danielhime

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what a place friends

amazing Mountain Farm, Norway good work. i like your post.

  ·  2년 전

nice place

Omfg paradise !!

One of the most beautiful place i watched.i congradualate you on sharing such a beautiful place

Norway a very good place especially its capital OSLO

YEAHHH WHAT A PLACE!! hello fellow newbie it will be a pleasure to follow each other HIT ME UP @Imjasit

wow, it's so beautiful.

oh My God, What a beautiful place. Living there is just like living in heaven.

  ·  2년 전

Beauty in gold, this picture!! Upvoted

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched - they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.

Good place bro and nice photography

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Heaven of land !

Beautifully amazzing

This picture took my breath away,thank you for sharing

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Norway is the most beautiful place in world! (in my opinion so far!)

Owesome photograph it is..a place to be for inner peace.amazing! I love.

Realy this place is perfect for travel. In next , i will try to see this place. Thank you

Peaceful and comfortable. Feeling like fairyland.

I love this!!! Amazing!

Beautiful landscape and excellent post, greetings.

This is very peaceful,super & historical place.

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Nice place, intresting story.

  ·  2년 전

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It is so beautiful

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It looks like paradise to me! Wish that I could spend a vacation there!

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This place is natural and clean.

This is beautiful!!

Woow! this place looks like a paradise..... wanna be there someday.. thankyou for sharing .. #@adonisabril

Farms will always make beautiful pictures. It's sad that it was sold out of the family.

visiting Norway has been on my bucket list for years! Let's see when I am able to fulfill this dream :)

Wao amazing wonderful...nice great beautiful....it look liks a heaven...

amazing! i love this place. <3
it look like Kashmir


Si eso no es el paraíso le pido a Dios que así sea. Extraordinariamente hermoso y majestuoso.

Your dream like your lifestyle as your beautiful family

It's beautiful

It's beautiful

That is beautiful💙Romantic vibes!

so beautiful nice photo cool nature it looks like a paradise


So beautiful nice
Photo cool nature it looks
Like a paradise

                 - amritmahal

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Such an adorable place. that's amazing that you had mentioned the details too.

Oh this photo is so so so beautiful! And it looks like Heaven in the Earth.

Excellent photography, I would like to place it for my wallpaper of the week greetings from Veneuela

wow, heavenly photos. I love this place.

amazing. looks like heaven

You go up for life! Why climb such a steep road at this height of the industrial and urban development? Because life calls life. We have a need for the pure, the natural, the organic ... that's why we keep climbing and climbing mountains. This reminds me of The Lord of the Rings. Simply beautiful and fresh! Thanks for the photo, it's amazing.

Subes por la vida! Para qué subir un camino tan empinado a estas altura del avance tecnológico industrial y urbanístico? Pues porque la vida llama vida. Tenemos una necesidad de lo puro, lo natural, lo orgánico... por eso seguimos escalando y subiendo montañas. Esto me hace recordar La comarca del Señor de los anillos. Simplemente hermoso y fresco! Gracias por la foto, es asombrosa.

such a breathtaking place.

Hello friend @adonisabril awesome photography of nature. That's a lovely place to visit thank you for sharing . I have followed you
Please visit my blog too because I am also a photographer I hope you will like my photography 😊 and happy friendship day

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Nice nature and great place.

This photo is looking like Painting
Amazing photo!!

oh nice place nice nature

Wow looks like heaven great photography dear thanks for sharing.

Please upvote and help me...

it looks amazing one

wow very nice

This place definitely a wonderful place to rest. Down the hill and surrounded with mountains and the lake. Really peaceful place.Thank you for sharing.

me encanta ese lugar esta hermoso ?

SO AMAZING! It just looks as if it is painted!

brother I love your work, that's why I follow you, simply incredible, thanks for showing such impressive sites that for many it is not difficult to visit

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wow, such a lovely place to visit

what beautiful colors dear friend can you help me with a vote


Who does not like to see the natural scene. Everyone wants to visit the beautiful places of the world. We have become mechanical to see ourselves the buildings of the brick-cement-stone buildings around us. Difficulty in nesting the house. So maybe our mechanical city, where there is a lot of opportunities, as well as our sightseeing. Because we are naturally comfortable. Now we do not go to enjoy the wonderful landscapes at any place of trouble, where we have to face many problems. And that is why we go beyond our sights, some of the wonderful places in the world.