@dailyupvotes Update 2: Making sure everybody ROIs

3년 전

As we approach the second week of @dailyupvotes I have seen that almost everybody who uses the bot is getting very good ROI, this stats can be seen on SteemBotTracker.com:

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-07 a la(s) 12.08.27.png

However, there are very few cases when people are getting slightly negative ROI, what this means is that they are sending more money than what they get back after curation. To counteract this I have started manually voting those posts so that everybody gets ROI.

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-07 a la(s) 12.07.50.png


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There are always issues at the beginning that you fix and then come out stronger . I mean people will complain I understand but it will be worth it . I love your service as well !!


thanks Journey!


Anytime !!


good i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back


The key to success on this platform is meaningful engagement

Muchas gracias por tu servicio es algo que se espera de muy pocas personas.

Wow that awesome! Some people send money without having a proper idea of how things works! So manually voting them is a good idea and you are the only person who is doing it!


You got a 20.44% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @hcf27!


I wanted to ask.Did you vote correctly?I sent you 1.5 sbd.You gave me 2.70 sbd.It is less than twice!


good i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

It's a very important post.if you don't shareing the post i can't know this about thanks to shareing your post.

Awesome Work @chitty, Keep updating

another one bites the NSFW posts allowed dust....[sigh]

Well that is a good initiative buddy :)

In that way no one will complain as a matter of fact !

Your post is helpful and informative for me. thanks for sharing this post. Resteem and upvote done.

Thanks for the information sir.

@chitty that's really nice of you

Thanks for sharing my dear friend and i use it

Dude the bot didn't vote in the last round and kept on taking bids and the ROI became negative! What's going on? @chitty

Hey, can I have a refund for this?

There was some issue with steem network and I haven't got upvote from you.


Hey I have voted manually for your post!


Thank you, really appreciate that!

awesome work..! I love your service

I Joined steemit in August 2017. In that time Ive posted over 16,00 of my original videos and blog posts. I've made approx 200 usd in sbd & steem.
Honestly I'm dumpster diving for stuff to sell on cregslist lately!
I'm freken broke.
QUESTION....... Is their a users guide to sucking whale cock?
Asking for a friend!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 3.03.08 PM.png

So i paid for an upvote from @dailyupvote and didn't recieve it, but got a thank you message. Sort it out...?

I have sent money on the current round in steembot tracker and my name is not appearing there

I am follow you
follow back y !

  ·  2년 전

I sent the 5 sbd but not vote yet https://steemit.com/steemit/@ktun/my-heart thank

Good luck sir! It looks like great. I will try this bot :)

Upvote on
seems to be not working. I spent 5 steem and I got $0.17 so far