Dairy new part.

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When the father bought the first lungi for me, then I am very young. One day I went to the mango tree, But in the tree, the lungi goes out of the ground and goes to the ground! I then die in shame.
Another uncle recited privately at the back house. From there we could see our mango tree. At that time my lungi went to the field after the girls were batches of that time. A girl smiled at me!
What a girl you were I laughed myself and along with all other girls and showed me. And she smiles all the girls together. I got off in some field.
After this there was no other lunge after the mango tree. I knew the girl who first saw me. Name Arha. Number one girl My miserable story spread throughout the school!
After that, when the girls went to primary school, the girls would say that all the groups, lungi lungi
I used to be so stupid. Eyes and faces were red. And seeing Arhaa was the most fun. All the girls would have been provocative. Occasionally I wanted to throw all of my teeth with scraps.
After few days my Muslim
There is a small program and it is about that. There were many Looni invitees brought as a gift to me. There were so many lungies but I did not wear one and did not wear it.
The reason is that I could not have been able to do any good to lungi. And where it opened the git and my value was dumped. I had a lot of fever once.
I could not go to school for fifteen days. A teacher of the school came to see me. I stood in the veranda and talked to him. Suddenly he ran fast!
I'm surprised! Why did he run like this? Suddenly, looking down I saw my lungi standing on the ground! She did not go to school for more fifteen days in this shame. From then on, how can I smile when I see me
We tried to screw mam's class. And the Arha girl's energy was to bear me. In high speed and he made me fooling me because of his lungi lungi.
Dad's friend came to visit our house one day. With one of his daughters and his wife. The girl is my age. It was a good introduction. Sometimes we talked freely.
The next day was Friday. I was about nine o'clock in the afternoon and I was lying on the bed. I did not see my father's friend came to call me. I was almost half-hearted.
The girl called the girl twice by the window. I have not heard clearly. The door was Khula e then. The girl would come in through the door and call me but she came crying loudly!
I stood up and stood upright! The girl shouted more loudly. I just want to say, why are you screaming?
At that time I looked down and I did not wear lungi! No more on the bed! Feel the kantha in the summer, when you open the lungi, we throw it down! The girl made all the people together in one scream.
I shrugged off the blanket that day. All day long I slept under the blanket. When they left the house, I left the blanket. When the mother asked me, I had my fever.
Since then, the girl does not come to our house. I had a quarrel with this lunge with Arhar. She threw the girl on that day. I thought the home will come to complain but did not come!
Then why do not I have any peace for two days? That's why we went to Araah and apologized. From then on, our relationship became friendly. And love from there!
After almost ten years of love, I got married today. After entering the bus house, e Arha said, fix the lungi first. Whenever you do not open it later.
After several attempts and I could not give the lungi git well. In the end, it has to be given the eighth. Just say one thing, sadly, you can not cope with the lungi. How to handle me?
I do not know this answer. So lie down silently. I got up in the morning, Arha burnt all my lunges! What the hell! Asked why this is so, Era said, Mr. I had to do this task to protect my values. Now that I value your values ​​with respect and value.
What else to say? Can not say anything more. Then again, they will kick the mango with the small bell. So I went silent. But without the lungi and the comfort of the nature can be called?
Can you sleep comfortably? No work can be done comfortably? But wearing my lungi almost completely closed the eraha. All day pants are to stay after. The pants are then sleeping. I do not let the excuses, and the Arhaa does not let me wear a lungee.
He said, I can not give this big boy's boy a lot of time.
I could not answer any more helplessly. It's my git that opens. After a few days I went to my father-in-law. I bought a lungi from the market hidden. Arha said after wearing lungi, but this is the last time. Open the lungi at noon. I will burn And if you burn too much then my in-laws do not have to go. Show you fun
The queen gave me a lunge after a long time. Ah felt very comfortable We went straight to the pond at the pond. Shalika looked at me and said, are you very happy?
I pulled my head down and explained that yes.
Shalika showed a teetotal tree on the head and said, would she be able to beat me in her happiness? Do not say that the tree can not rise. But I know about getting on your tree.

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