#CONTACT: Annual Entrainment In The Desert Event: Bring Your Faraday Cage! #DEW #DARPA

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6/1: It's that time of year again! The annual Carnage in the Deathtrap secret space program disclosure event! As people head for the Desert for "UFO Training", it's vital that they realize that for the past 3 years, many many people have gotten very ill during this event and suffered greatly. Why is the deep state taking over the disclosure movement with the monopolizing cult called (sickeningly) GAIA? Well, to shut up the whistleblowers and buy out the popular speakers, of course! Be CARE-FULL this weekend if you are heading to the Clambake in the DEWlusion! Bring your portable faraday cage and Pray! Definitely do NOT drink the Kool Aid, Contactees!

To support Grass Roots Disclosure Activism:

If you would like to see Patty Greer's suppressed disclosure films: https://www.cropcirclefilms.com

Please support the restoration of the grass roots Crop Circles Research Center in Wiltshire, England, the Heart of the Crop Circle Phenomenon, which was looted by the Deep State, YOU can make a Paypal donation for this non-profit endeavor at: https://www.cropcircleaccess.com

To read Austin-Fitts' incredible report about the incredible expense to the US Taxpayer that illegally funds the secret space program: https://www.solari.com

If you would like to try the incredible, super-powered anit-oxidant C60 Purple Power and experience it's powerful anti-aging effects: https://www.C60PurplePower.com

I've been enjoying the Youtube channel: Joe from the Carolinas
He has been calling out Edgar Fakey and Can't B Goode for quite a while now and has no filter!

To reference my past blogs that have cited the documentation of injury caused during the Curfuffle in the Deathstar event and other events sponsored or dominated by Gaia-funded speakers and employees:


To watch the video of my interview with Monique Klinkenburg, the steward for the non-profit Crop Circle Center (https://www.cropcircleaccess.com) which was looted by the Men in Blueblood:

If you suffer during the Catastrophe in the Dungeon this weekend and would like to report your experience to this blog, with proof of attendance, I would like to collect testimonials. My greatest hope is that spreading awareness of the dangers of this event will help prevent nefarious activities from occurring and help protect unknowing attendees from any health threats.

Please leave a comment below with your point of contact if you would like to provide a testimonial (including of previous years attended, especially last year).

Let's shine the light down that deep state hole wherever it leads and insist on true disclosure that will expose the real secret space program that is siphoning off trillions of tax payer dollars, not this corporate-monopoly-controlled disclosure as-a-business version, dominated by corporate-funded "stars" bound by NONdisclosure-agreements to NOT disclose!

Free the healing, energy, travel and open-source technologies! Free the Truth! Free Earth, the Prison Planet! @dakini5d

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