Crop Circle Plasma Power: The Truth is Right Here! #SUPERSEEDS #SABOTAGE #DEW

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As Plasma technology is increasingly being deployed against humanity, Crop Circle research is being systematically suppressed and sabotaged. Monique Klinkenbergh, long time researcher and recorder of crop circle phenomenon in Wiltshire, England, the central area for crop circle formations, recently had her archives and electronic equipment ransacked and stolen in what appears to be the latest development in hiding the TRUTH about positive plasma technology from humanity as the Deep State continues to infiltrate the Disclosure Movement, spreading disinformation, wreaking havoc and causing bodily harm and property damage to genuine grass-roots researchers and film makers.

Award winning Crop Circle filmmaker, Patty Greer joins us with Monique, and we get into the heart of why the power-that-shouldn't-be are sabotaging crop circle history, research and positive uses of plasma technology.

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I don't like you Cheetah! Get the hell off my blog!

We have all been successfully mind-controlled into believing that free energy does not exist, even though more than 5,000 free energy patents exist.

I studied electrical engineering at London University. I was brain-washed into believing that a transformer could never be 100% efficient, when in fact the complete opposite is true.

I was a true Zealot of the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics. Now I am an Apostate because I have finally woken up to the fact that the same people who truly did the 2001 September 11th attacks on New York city, also control our EDUCATION, banking, our media (film, TV, publishing, etc.), our medicine, our politicians, our governments, and our ENERGY. You know who I am talking about because you are not stupid.

They think we are all stupid, and they hate humanity so much that they call the rest of us goyem (cattle).
At every opportunity, these satanists have held back the spiritual elevation & TRUE scientific advancement of the human race.

Ask yourself where the energy that holds a bar magnet to a fridge door comes from. Why does a non magnetic metal bar not have the energy to hold on to your fridge door?
Where does the energy that holds a bar magnet to a fridge door come from?
Is it not free energy?

The way to successfully extract that energy is via a repetitively collapsing magnetic field, such as utilized in the two working practical examples below:-

1/ The Motor/Generator of Robert Adams.

2/ The Transformers of Thane Heins.

Because of the 200 trillion dollar a year energy Mafia, anyone naive enough to openly sell free energy devices ALWAYS meets an untimely end... fast acting cancer, car accident, burglary murder, directed energy weapon, or just plain old fashioned murder.

If you going to make and sell them yourself, then sell them on the Dark Web for untraceable Crypto currency like Monero.
Tell NOBODY else that knows you. Not your wife, not your brother, not your best friend; Otherwise you have effectively signed your own death warrant.
Because they (your family & friends) will tell someone else, who will then tell someone else, who will then tell the murderous energy mafia.
Keep your friends and family safe by telling NO ONE that you are making these free energy devices.

The 200 trillion dollar a year energy Mafia are psychopaths who will stop at nothing to protect their hegemony over the energy we all use.
They murdered 3 million Iraqi men women and children over which currency Saddam Hussein wanted to sell Iraqi oil for, before the Iraq war.

That's why the Dollar is enforced as the currency of petroleum. Whoever controls energy controls the destiny of mankind.
The dollar is fiat currency (monopoly money) printed on worthless paper; So whoever prints the Dollar (the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank) gets a mafia-like piece of the action from every other country's economy.
That is because, EVERYTHING we touch is manufactured with energy. If we are ever 'PERMITTED' to have free energy. Humanity will begin a new GOLDEN AGE of abundance. Energy is 70% of the cost of everything we do.

I am too scared to make and sell these devices myself; so I am just content to spread the information on social media.

My friend, before powered flight (aeroplanes) was invented, prominent professors (paid shills) at leading universities got up and declared that powered flight was impossible, and anyone who did not agree with them was a crackpot.
Now the situation is reversed... now the crackpots are the ones who believed powered flight was impossible.
Which side of history would you like to be on?