#NASHVILLE USA: TR(i)UMP(hant)! Free Tommy, Forgive Rose_nne #FORGIVE

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Trump spoke about SPYGATE in today's heartening rally in Nashville TN, showing the world that multitudes of Americans believe that the corrupt FBI and the DoJ under Obama conspired to prevent the Trump presidency and then continued to spy on the Trump Administration.

Meanwhile, Roseanne Barr lost her #1 in ratings show today over a late night bad-taste tweet and MSM eats it up, eagerly calling for massive censorship on social media. While Barr immediately apologized for the tweet, Disney CEO, Bob Iger, a fundraiser for the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign in 2016, and considered to be one of the 25 most important people in business by FORTUNE Magazine, decided to cancel the hit-show ROSEANNE within 12 hours of Barr's tweet, in which she said VJ (meaning Valerie Jarrett, Obama's top advisor), was like the off-spring of the Muslim Brotherhood combined with the Planet of the Apes.

Also, Tommy Robinson, the UK activist who has been fighting sex trafficking by Islamic traffickers in England, was jailed yesterday and needs support. Please support Tommie: https://www.tommyrobinsononline.com with donations to his legal fund!

You can watch Trump's Nashville speech here:

To contact the US Ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, and ask for protection for Tommy Robinson and his family:


To protest the cancelling of the ROSEANNE show:

Disney CEO, Bob Iger: https://www.twitter.com/RobertIger @RobertIger

ABC Entertainment President, Channing Dungey: https://www.twitter.com/channers3 @channers3

Please be respectful in your request to help Tommie and to reinstate the ROSEANNE show.

Truth and Reconciliation is one of the most powerful tools we have in this Great Awakening. Let's honor and respect each other and WIN with kindness and respect.

In the meantime, PLEASE sign the petition to END THE FED! https://www.endthefedreserve.com

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Thank you all for supporting this blog. PLEASE be active in protesting the arrest of Tommy Robinson! @dakini5d

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